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K-State Slate: 6.12.15 - We have a champion!

Akela Jones owns the heptathlon.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're less than 80 days from the official start of the college football season, and only 85 days from Kansas State's first game. BracketCat counts us down, with #86, walk-on wide receiver Dan Harris.

Meanwhile, we announce a bit of a roster shakeup at Bring On the Cats, with ichacat taking over principal nerding duties. His first Fandom Friday post is a classic that everyone should read: Game of Thrones unabashedly trolls itself.

Akela Jones made Kansas State proud, winning the heptathlon at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. As Jon Morse reported yesterday, her monster points total of 6,371 shattered the school record of 6,150 set by Austra Skujyte and was only 156 points off the national record of 6,527 set back in 1995 by George Mason's Diane Guthrie.

To put this feat in perspective, this was only Jones' second ever heptathlon, but she somehow managed to best a field that included the top three heptathletes in the country and set personal best marks in six of the seven events. Hobbled by the heat and by a bad thigh, Jones petered out in the 800m event, but her lead by that time was so huge that she was guaranteed the title. Her performance was so impressive, it even caught the attention of this person:

Jones is taking it easy for now, but she has big plans, and doesn't lack for confidence (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle).

[Rovelto] is an awesome coach. He's a legend. With him, and with my ability and my talent, it's just like a dynamic duo. Moving forward, we have bigger goals ahead, with Worlds and Pan-Am Games, becoming a professional. We're taking everything easy right now, but we have bigger goals.

If you want to buy football season tickets, you are out of luck. As of yesterday, Kansas State has sold out season tickets for the third consecutive year, and the clamor for 2016 tickets has already begun. Only scattered singles are available for the South Dakota, Louisiana Tech, and Oklahoma games.