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K-State Slate: 6.1.15 - Beating the Track

The Hoiberg watch is on, and we prepare for the NCAA Track championship.

Here we go, pandering again.
Here we go, pandering again.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, I posted a piece about the Big 12 chasing Louisiana State. It seems almost impossible to believe, but while lots of people got that it was satire, the number of people who actually got the joke was ridiculously small. After seeing a thread on a horrible forum we won't name, it's clear that the joke needs to be explained.

It was a satire on the entire cottage industry of realignment articles.

It wasn't a big joke about LSU. It wasn't a joke about the Big 12. It was a joke about the crazy ideas writers will come up with in order to talk about realignment. For example, another article from a couple of months ago from noted "Dude who was totally wrong about Texas to the Big 12" Frank the Tank, in which he discusses potential Big East expansion candidates. Dude went on about Catholic schools in big markets and didn't even mention Detroit. Come on.

BracketCat checked in with #97, Demonte Hood, and Kitchen opened fire on all sorts of media types. You should go provide examples in the comments.

Track takes over the top spot in the slate for the foreseeable future, as befits a sport in which K-State actually has a chance to win a national title. Double-aught told you yesterday about the results of the NCAA Regionals in Austin. K-State's women have nine athletes competing in eight events in Eugene two weeks from now. To put this in perspective for you, Texas A&M's women have 13 athletes in 10 events. Not a big difference right?

It's a meaningful not-big difference, because Texas A&M won the women's outdoor track title last year. Are you excited now?

Meanwhile, Ted George of the Prince George (B.C.) Citizen checks in on Prince George native Alyx Treasure's next step after her K-State career ends in Eugene: representing Canada in the Pan-American Games.

Dean Wade has been named a Parade All-American, which by default sort of means he's one of the top 30 seniors in the country. By whatever standards Parade goes by, anyway.

Blair Kerkhoff explains why staying at Iowa State is a good idea for Fred Hoiberg, who probably isn't going to listen to such sensible advice.

Nathan Beaucage, writing for our colleagues over at Baltimore Beatdown, wonders what's up with Arthur Brown -- and suggests he's not a bust, he just got drafted over last year by C.J. Mosley.

Reynaldo Rey, who appeared in such films as Friday, White Men Can't Jump, and Harlem Nights as well as co-starring on the 80s sitcom 227, passed away last week from stroke complications. Rey graduated from Emporia State.

We close with Kelly McHugh's Top 10 K-State athletics moments of May 2015.