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K-State Slate: 5.4.15 - Draft and UDFA Wrapup

What does the media have to say about K-State's seven seniors moving on to better things?

Your benevolent despot is starting to feel like he didn't appreciate Randall Evans enough.
Your benevolent despot is starting to feel like he didn't appreciate Randall Evans enough.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Draft weekend is over, all the action's done, and everyone has, for the most part, figured out where they're going next. Today's Slate is (almost) all about the Benjamins.

And Tylers. And Randalls. And so on.

Lots of articles got posted this weekend but nobody reads this site except when they're at work. So, you know, go check the front page.

Oh, and B.J. Finney's "I signed with Pittsburgh" video has gone viral, and Curry Sexton has accepted a minicamp invite from the Vikings.

In an uncredited piece at the official Seahawks site, Kevin Lockett talks about Tyler Lockett.

Nate Liss has a detailed take on Lockett over at Field Gulls which will make you forget all the less-than-awesome things some people there said immediately after he was drafted. Of note, a commenter points out that a lot of times Lockett broke the defender's ankles and then had to wait on the pass, thus allowing the defender time to get back into coverage and break up the play. Interesting observation.

Rob Rang at CBS gave Seattle a B+ and expects Lockett to contribute immediately.

Tangentially related to Lockett's selection, Chuck McGill of the Charleston Daily News notes that draft selections of wide receivers shorter than six feet are on the rise.

At Bleeding Green Nation, Mike Kaye loves the pick and says it was high value. Meanwhile, Brandon Lee Gowton asks the commentariat what they think, and they're pretty positive.

Andy Schwarts at Comcast Philly has two interesting stories about how Randall Evans ended up in Manhattan in the first place. The first of those you were made aware of in yesterday's Slate thanks to 00's diligence, but the second one is new. Also new: the video clip with Chip Kelly directly discussing Evans.

Philadelphia Daily News writer John Smallwood doesn't talk about Evans directly, but says Chip Kelly knew exactly what he was doing.

SI's Chris Burke and Doug Farrar, in their overall draft grades article, gave the Eagles and Seahawks props for taking Evans and Lockett.

Over at Behind the Steel Curtain, they also shared the video of Finney's announcement, and it's safe to say that except for one cynical heartless yahoo, all of Steelers Nation have become B.J. Finney fans.

Dave Bryan at Steelers Depot notes that Pittsburgh didn't tackle their offensive line with draft picks, so they loaded up on free-agents. He expects Finney to be the one the Steelers are looking at most intently.

Dane Brugler at CBS/ says that other than La'el Collins (who is either in big trouble or suffered one of the grossest injustices in recent sports history), Finney was the best undrafted player.

K-State, helped by a Tyler Moore solo homer (his fourth) blasted Arkansas State 12-6 on Sunday to take the series from the Red Wolves. Next up is a one-game visit to Wichita to take on the Shockers in the BatCats' final non-conference game of the season. A win would get K-State back to the .500 mark at 24-24.