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K-State Slate: 5.26.15-Summer is coming.

Summer is coming, and with it the lack of news regarding K-State Sports since nothing is happening. Hang on tight folks. We'll get through this together.

What's going on with your non-conference schedule coach?
What's going on with your non-conference schedule coach?
Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Yesterday, was Memorial Day. We here at Bring on the Cats hope everyone had a safe holiday and took a moment to remember just why you get a three day weekend in May. Also, wildcat00 recapped Sunday's Game of Thrones episode "The Gift" from a far.

We have reached that point in the year where there simply is not very much to talk about, so at noon feel free to go off script. In the meantime we can all debate the "lack" of strength for K-State's non-conference schedule. Much like Berry Tramel did when he ranked Texas as having the best non-con in the conference.

In the most recent Sports Extra over at, Kelly McHugh gives us an update on Brittany Chambers career, where after spending two seasons in Spain, Chambers has a chance to catch on with the San Antonio Stars.

Andrew Beckler, of Washburn Rural and K-State signee, will compete in his final high school tournament with a chance to become a four-time state medalist.