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K-State Slate: 5.20.15 - Big 12 Tourney Time

The Big 12 baseball tournament kicks (hits?) off today, and another member is adopted into the football familia.

Old pic, same sport.
Old pic, same sport.
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

There will be another arm in the race for the quarterback position this fall. KSUEMAW! writes about new JUCO quarterback commitment Jonathan Banks, and good luck finding much else about him.

Jon tells you everything you would possibly want to know about today's Big 12 tournament in Tulsa, including our not-so-rosy chances of an extended season.

The awards keep piling in for Shane Conlon and Nate Griep as they were awarded yesterday with spots on the All-Big 12 first and second teams, respectively. They are joined by five other Wildcats who were awarded with honorable mentions.

Read what the enemy camp (aka has to say about the matchup today.

Jake Trotter enlightens us on how K-State hasn't won a conference championship since 2012 in his Kansas State football preview. He speaks of mobile quarterbacks, both on how they make our offense churn and our defense burn.

The Catbacker tour stormed through western Kansas, and Brett Marshall of the Garden City Telegram wrote a nice piece on what Wyatt Thompson had to say regarding his lengthy career on the horn and how Kansas State University has changed since his beginnings back at Fort Hays State.

News from the pitch, K-State soccer has added two transfers, bringing the roster count up to six.