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K-State Slate: 5.13.15 - Not Much Happens During Finals Week Apparently

A few crumbs, but no substantial news to be found.

Hands for days.
Hands for days.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

You know it's bad when Google can't even find anything to talk about. But at least the Royals beat the Texans...ahem...

More praise has been lofted Tyler Lockett's way, this time in the form of a Brady Henderson article via Pete Carrol praised his attitude, saying that return men have to have a particular mindset to have success, and he has it.

If you haven't gotten enough spring game action, here's another breakdown from Big 12 Sports. My internet has been weird tonight so if this link doesn't actually work, then my bad.

Matt Green is headed to Rancho Santa Fe, California for NCAA Regionals. He is one of 45 individuals selected to make the trip, so congratulations to the Sophomore for making the cut.