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K-State Slate: 5.1.15 - April practices bring May questions

Your May Day Slate is late. And not special.

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Previously on Bring on the Cats...

Luke Thompson spoke to former BotC friend David Ubben for the latest edition of Bring on the Podcast. We're no closer to knowing why Ubben suddenly hates Manhattan, but he seems to be down on the Wildcats for a perceived lack of talent, which makes you wonder if Ubben has really been paying attention these last few years.

Meanwhile, we turned our attention to the NFL draft briefly, and took a closer look at the two best draft prospects. KSUEMAW! talked up all-everything Tyler Lockett while JT VanGilder brought us a profile of B.J. Finney.

A point of pride here is that we're often first with a new take or a story, and this week is no different. WaggsCat weighed in with his views on Why Alex Delton Should Be Quarterback, and just a few hours later, others were exploring the same angle.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...


ESPN's Jake Trotter breaks down the Kansas State depth chart after the spring game. Delton, Justin Silmon and Winston Dimel all got some love, but the lack of separation between quarterbacks should be worrying. While depth is generally a good thing, the uncertainty can wreck team chemistry as we witnessed over the first few weeks of the 2013 season.

There's more commentary on the Big 12 conference and its flirtation with a possible championship game (Allan Taylor, WV Metro News). It appears to be a question of "when" (or maybe "how") rather than "if." (As an aside, how does an article that highlights how Big 12 teams have been upset in the championship game leave out the biggest upset of all, i.e. Kansas State's absolute dismantling of Oklahoma in 2003? Feh).


The BatCats are back in Manhattan and will take on non-conference opponent Arkansas State in a three-game series that begins tonight at Tointon Family Stadium. First pitch is scheduled for 6:30 PM and right-handed pitcher Colton Kalmus has the start. These teams have not met since 1953, and Kansas State trails the all-time series 6-10.

Happy Friday, all!