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K-State Slate: 4.9.15 - Starting over in basketball and football

We've got some spring ball coverage, but first, the bad news...

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you've been deliberately avoiding the news, you know that Nigel Johnson is no longer with Kansas State basketball (Raphielle Johnson, NBC Sports). That makes four departures in total for Bruce Weber, and if this was a bit of spring cleaning, we have to hope he got it right. (Sean Keeler, FoxSports Kansas City)

It's a new era for the football team, but is there a quarterback controversy at Kansas State? Let's hope not, but for now, the competition is heating up between the Klein-esque Joe Hubener (who goes by Bazooka Joe, for what it's worth) and the more Waters-esque Jesse Ertz. Also, Alex Delton might also be in the mix. Despite being a freshman, Delton "has caught our eye," according to Bill Snyder. Whatever happens, it should be an interesting off-season. (Emilio Rivera, K-State Collegian)

Here's the roundup from Coach Snyder's press conference on Tuesday.