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K-State Slate: 4.8.15 - Just Some Spring Sports

The non-revs take up most of the meat today, with some interesting tid-bits from the spring practice presser.

Where you at, Clink?
Where you at, Clink?
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Kellis Robinett updates us with some brand new quotes regarding the quarterback race, notedly that Joe Hubener was never a starting quarterback at the high school level. Snyder also discusses (very) briefly the Terrell Clinkscales situation, who is not practicing with the team.

The dirty Cornhuskers came into Manhattan and snatched a one run victory in extra innings away from the Bat Cats. The Cornhuskers were held scoreless for six innings but pulled away in the end.

The Wildcats shot six-over in the final day of the Gary Koch invitational, which did not help their overall standing from yesterday, taking claim to the 11th spot. Matt Green had the best outing for the Cats, finishing one-over and in 32nd place overall.