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K-State Slate: 4.13.15 - Series win over #2 TCU

The BatCats get an uplifting result, and more eyes are on Young Tyler.

Lockett's getting attention from everywhere.
Lockett's getting attention from everywhere.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

April is the worst. It rains all the time (and guys, rain is your benevolent despot's Kryptonite), basketball is over, the airwaves are repeatedly jammed up with Yankee-Red Sox nonsense, and actual news out of Vanier is like finding cash laying on the sidewalk.

But those Royals, man.

Anyway, after muddling through our precipitation-derived maladies, on with the Slate: Better late than never, yes?

Friday's win was big. Saturday's loss was regression to the mean. But yesterday's 6-2 win over the Horned Frogs, spurred by Levi MaVorhis's return to the mound after a nagging injury that kept him out of the rotation, gave the Cats a series win over the #2 team in the country. Ken Corbitt was on the scene, too.

More teams -- or at least their fans and local media -- sniffing around after Tyler Lockett. Durst at SB Nation's Panthers blog Cat Scratch Reader examines Lockett with the usual notes: concern about body catches, but disdaining the "slot only" argument. Justin Rogers at MLive also has a breakdown of Lockett, with sort of the reverse take: not concerned about drops, but feels he can only play the slot.

Per Andrew Felts over at Frogs O' War, K-State target Malique Trent is headed to Fort Worth.

Fansided's Cody Daniel (at Hoops Habit) peers into the dumpster fire that is Bramlage. Somehow, he got K-State's record wrong twice.

Following Saturday's Akela Jones fireworks, K-State track still had some work to do on Sunday. Kain Ellis won the men's 800m, while the women's team of Sonia Gaskin, A'Keyla Mitchell, Tia' Gamble, and Sarah Kolmer registered the fifth-best time in school history while winning the 4x400. Jump U represented, as Nija Collier tied for third in the women's triple, Nate Gipson tied for third in the men's high, and Kim Williamson and Alyx Treasure finished 1-2 in the women's high. Tommy Brady also tied for second in the pole vault, which isn't actually a jump but we'll count it.

Next up is the Kansas Relays in Lawrence Friday and Saturday, which will also include a four-way meet between the Cats, Kansas, Purdue, and Colorado State.

The Wildcats (8-14, 1-6) were swept 4-0 in Stillwater on Sunday, their only match win of the day coming courtesy of Livia Cirnu and Iva Bago in doubles, but the team still dropped the doubles point 2-1. The regular season ends this weekend in Texas, with a Friday match in Austin and a Sunday date at Baylor.

A couple of big 50th anniversaries: K-State Salina held an open house over the weekend to celebrate its 50th year, and tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the execution of Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, a story with which we should all be familiar.