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K-State Slate: 3.9.15-NIT or Bust?

Kansas State will have a hard time reaching any post-season play with out at least two wins in the Big 12 Tournament.

Here's your new starting point guard.
Here's your new starting point guard.
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Daylights Savings Time is a bear. I swear it is worse as adults than when I was a kid. Anyway, due to some unforseen circumstances, you all are stuck with a community links slate today, rather than the beautiful prose of Jon Morse. Let's jump right in shall we.

Ken Corbitt of the Topeka Capital Journal, has a story about the Wildcats facing the Big 12 Tournament one game at a time. I personally am not holding out hope on a miracle run to the Big 12 final.

David Ubben of Fox Sports Southwest has your regular season final power rankings, free premium subscription to anyone who can guess where the Wildcats rank.

Lastly, to fuel our Monday morning debate, here is John Templon's NIT Bracketology, in which he includes Kansas State as a 7th seed despite a less the .500 record.

Topics for debate: Manner in which Jevon Thomas was kicked off the team and why, If he's being kicked of the team for poor performance on the court and no other reason how quickly can we hope for Bruce Weber to be fired, and lastly can Kansas State make the NIT with a losing record, links and discussion below. Let's have fun today, everyone.