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K-State Slate: 3.26.15-Football and Fallout

Fallout from Marcus Foster's dismissal continues, while Tyler Lockett wins another award.

McDaniel, among others, helped lead a strong Kansas State Defense last season.
McDaniel, among others, helped lead a strong Kansas State Defense last season.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Lots of content to review from yesterday, starting with Jon Morse's recap of Tuesday's basketball action and a preview of Wednesday's (which is now slightly dated, look for his Wednesday recap/Thursday preview today).

Jon also had a FANTASTIC piece about the Marcus Foster situation. A piece that (IMO) perfectly explains how the blame lies with both parties.

Lastly, jeffp171, brought us the second round of the non-revenue Bring On The Cats bracket.

Let's start with some football news, just to change it up a bit.'s Brandon Chatmon has a report on the best pass defense in the Big 12, and the number one team may surprise you.

Tyler Lockett still isn't done collecting awards at the collegiate level, as he was awarded the Jet special teams award yesterday. (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital Journal)

Now, back to soap opera. Sean Keeler, of Fox Sports Kansas City, has a story regarding Foster's "Love" of Bruce Weber.

While Bob Huggins may have coached at Kansas State for only a season, that one season was vitally important to rebuilding a lifeless program. Bob Lutz of The Wichita Eagle takes a look back and that season, and notes it should never be forgotten.

The rumor surrounding the dismissal of Marcus Foster has centered on the student handbook, and specifically the rules regarding drug use and failed drug tests. However, yesterday Ken Corbitt has an article that discussed John Currie's support of Bruce Weber's decision to remove Tre Harris and Marcus Foster from the team. We'll have some more information on this specific article in this weeks podcast so be sure to check that out.