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K-State Slate: 3.25.15-Shaking up the program.

Harris? Gone. Thomas? Gone. Foster? Yep, he's gone too.

Shane Southwell wants to know, what is going on with the basketball program?
Shane Southwell wants to know, what is going on with the basketball program?
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It was time for the second round in the Bring on the Cat's Kansas State Athletics bracket. jeffp171 broke down the first round of football voting and previewed the Round of 32 match-ups in football.

Pervis was able to work through technical difficulties and provide us with the Miscellaneous bracket. My favorite match-up? KSU Chant vs. EMAW. Should be a tight vote.

Now, with the bracket fun out of the way, we move on to the tire fire, that is the men's basketball program. It began with the mid-afternoon report that Tre Harris, and Jevon Thomas would transfer. Curtis Kitchen had your breakdown on that, noting that neither move was surprising.

Then around 9 pm last night the big news bomb dropped, as Kansas State announced the dismissal of Marcus Foster along with the dismissal of Harris, and transfer of Thomas. Again, Kitchen came riding to the rescue, putting together a quick breakdown of what this means going forward. Others, will surely have other articles regarding this dismissal, and Luke and I will be discussing it on this weeks podcast for sure, so be sure to check back often for more information and opinions on what this means for Kansas State basketball.

Obviously the big news of the day will center around Marcus Foster's removal from the Men's Basketball team. And below you'll find a run down of the various sites reporting the dismissal:

Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital Journal

Tim Schrag,

Brandon Wise,

Kellis Robinett, The Wichita Eagle

Sean Keeler, Fox Sports Kansas City

Myron Mecalf,

If you need to rest your brain, and escape the toxic fumes still lingering around the basketball team, check out the Q and A from K-State Sports Extra with Track and Field star Akela Jones.

Another article you should check out discusses the baseball teams new workout regimen, which now includes yoga.