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K-State Slate: 3.11.15 - Big 12 Tourney Time

Adjust your eyeballs for maximum college basketball intake.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

It's that special time of year for Big 12 basketball, and whether you are watching it from the stands, across the street, or in your humble homes, it's not too late to get some practice in before that big office bracket and fill out your own Big 12 Tournament printable bracket, complete with times and television providers, brought to you by the fine folks at the Kansas City Star.

To prep you for a half-week long orgy of basketball glory, Blair Kerkhoff refreshes you on the trials and tribulations of this most recent basketball season, and discusses just how difficult it is to bring it in this league week-in and week-out.

What a better way to tip=off the tournament than watching our favorite team playing a team wearing our favorite color? Kellis Robinett gives you his three-minute preview with the probable starting lineups and whatnot, and talks more on Marcus Foster's re-discovered confidence in this piece.

Sam Mellinger wrote a riveting article on just how bi-polar the Wildcats have been, using Marcus Foster as his case-study and throwing in some juicy quotes by Bruce on his thoughts about the Illinois stigma following him to Manhattan.

The Bat Cats are streaking after reeling off their fourth straight victory and third game in a row in which they have scored double-digit runs.

Brandon Chatmon over at the Big 12 blog gives us our spring primer for the Cats and tells us just how many unanswered questions we have so far. Spoiler alert: there are several.