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K-State Slate: 2.4.15 - National Signing Day & Basketball Games

Everything you could possibly want to know about high schoolers, and the Basketball Cats take a vacation to loverly Lubbock, Texas.

Ball. Hoop. In. Go.
Ball. Hoop. In. Go.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, our wonderful staff got you adequately prepped for the big day today. KSUEMAW! discussed our affinity for recruits from some particular Southern states as well as some native Kansans. JT also outlined our top five recruits from this class, and late last night your benevolent despot dropped the news that Morgan Burns's little brother has reportedly decided on K-State. Stay tuned in to BOTC today for all of your breaking signing day happenings.

Not to be outdone by our football-loving companions, BigE reminds us there is, indeed, a basketball game tonight, so we may forget whatever atrocities that may have happened on Saturday.

Kellis Robinett does a profile of his very own highlighting signee Trey Dishon's versatility, and outlines his top five recruits, adding in a brief pre-game-styled preview for the day.

If you think K-State's season has gone poorly, Texas Tech's is at an entirely deeper level of despair. While they did inexplicably upset Iowa State, every other Big 12 contest has resulted in a loss. The Cats hope to continue that trend for them, but realize that the Red Raiders are no pushovers. More pre-game knowledge here, as written by Kellis Robinett.

Once again, the women host the Longhorns in hoop-shots, but we have no fresh links for you to enjoy.