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K-State Slate: 2.27.15 - Thank goodness for the internet

Yesterday was only slightly less crazy, but in a good way.

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Curtis Kitchen weighed in on the importance of satire and "tradition" in view of Stormgate.

Luke Thompson has already moved on, however, and takes the time to chat with FiftyShadesofGray of Wide Right & Natty Lite on Iowa State's upcoming road trip to Manhattan in the latest edition of Bring on the Podcast.

The upcoming Kansas State-Iowa State game (apparently Farmageddon is only a thing in football) is a must-win game for both teams. The Cyclones will be looking to spoil Kansas' chance to win the conference for the 11th consecutive time, though this may be a tall order on Senior Day in Manhattan. (Timothy Everson, K-State Collegian)

The Collegian's weekend sports coverage is comprehensive, and includes this Q&A with the Ames Tribune's basketball beat writer, Travis Hines. (Tate Steinlage, Collegian).

Tre Harris is slowly becoming a star at Kansas State (Emilio Rivera, Collegian).

This season has been so up-and-down that we're left to wonder "what if" (Everson, Collegian), a thought echoed by this article (Kevin Haskin, Topeka Capital-Journal).

Jeff Mittie will have a homecoming of sorts as Kansas State travels to TCU to wrap up its road season. The last meeting of the teams in Manhattan saw an offensive explosion that led to a 93-79 win over the Horned Frogs. Breanna Lewis dominated that game, and much the same is expected on Saturday. (Andrew Hammond, Collegian).

This is of general relevance to everyone on the internet. Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission voted to implement new net neutrality rules, effectively requiring internet service providers to treat all content equally. This is being touted as a big win for the "open internet." (Roger Yu & Mike Snider, USAToday). The internet reacted in predictable fashion, by arguing about the color of a dress. (Adam Rogers, Wired)