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K-State Slate: 2.18.15 - Texan Grudge Matches and Hall of Famers

The Men and Women's basketball teams go to Texas, and Rolando is honored.

Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir.
Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

A huge congratulations out to Rolando Blackman, who has been inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Wildcats will not be without a pre-season "tournament" next year, as it was announced yesterday that they have been selected to play in the 2015 CBE Classic, alongside Missouri, Northwestern, and North Carolina.

Tonight, the basketball Cats travel to TCU for the grudge match from the five point victory obtained in early January. K-State Sports brings us their very in-depth game preview, Kellis Robinett explains how this game can be a momentum building block in hopes of finishing the season off strong.

The Lady Cats travel to Texas to take on the Longhorns in their grudge match.
The first go-round ended victoriously for the good guys, to a tune of 66-57 on February 4th.

Kelly McHugh details how BJ Finney is preparing for the combine.