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Killer B's: Breakdown of the Basketball game, and the Bowl game.

Liberty bowl breakdowns from around the country, and local preview of tonight's men's basketball game against Saint Louis.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

With the New Year just around the corner, Curtis Kitchen looked back at the top 10 story lines for Kansas State sports. breaks down Kansas State's offense as they head into the match up against Arkansas. (Teryn Schaefer, and Matthew Cocoa,

Take heart Wildcat fans. Our sister blog, Tomahawk Nation has decided to throw its support behind the Wildcats as they battle the Feral Hogs of Arkansas. (Kyle Griffs, Tomahawk Nation)

Eric Bolin of Arkansas News takes a look at the offense's of each team and tries to determine who has the advantage at each position. (Eric W. Bolin, Arkansas News)

The Liberty Bowl matches up a pair of coaches who have a long time history and friendly rivalry. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Here is your quick hitting preview of tonight's game against Saint Louis. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Barry Brown looks to spark the Wildcats in their final non-conference game.(Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)