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The Monday Snowstorms

It's cold and snowy today in Wildcatland

John Weast/Getty Images

Things are moving slowly in Manhattan today, except for the wind which is blowing snow and cold air everywhere. Elsewhere in the land of the editorial staff, Jon is likely under a foot of water (maybe ice too).

Again, not much new content floating around until tomorrows men's basketball game lifts our spirits (but hopefully not those of St. Louis University).

Ken Corbitt at the Topeka Cap-Journal starts us off with his Year In Review, wherein the biggest Wildcat headline of 2015 is Bill Snyder's enshrinement in the College Football Hall of Fame (duh). Eric Bolin (Arkansas News Bureau via SW Times Record) brings us a story about former K-State assistant Michael Smith and his indebtedness to Bill Snyder.

Okay everyone, one more day then we get our Wildcats back! We can do this!!