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Where to find Kansas State basketball on TV outside of Kansas

Because it's hard.

Not a lot to talk about today, so we'll just try and be helpful.
Not a lot to talk about today, so we'll just try and be helpful.
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Hard to believe, but today's news fodder is almost non-existent. The landscape is so arid and desolate that we can actually just put both news items here in the intro because neither actually fits into a standard category, so we'll do just that and then skip to offering you a helpful guide to finding stuff on your television.

Thoughts and prayers to the family of Bill Freeman, whose teams I once played against in my high school days. Freeman passed away due to complications from Alzheimer's Disease on Friday. Freeman won four state titles at Lawrence, and also won state championships at LeRoy and Osawatomie. From first-hand experience, I can tell you he was a hell of a coach. Lawrence was always prepared and precise, and in the days prior to the explosive growth of Olathe and Blue Valley you had to get through Lawrence and Shawnee Mission Northwest if you wanted the state title, just as teams out west had to get through Junction City and Manhattan. That excellence continued after Freeman retired, with Lawrence winning another five titles in five years, but Freeman built the program for success.

K-State's dropping another six million bucks on the Student Union. There's no waterslide going in, or anything else ostentatious; they're just expanding food service, lounge, and study space.

There's been some confusion about where to find K-State basketball games which air on FOX Sports Kansas City if you don't actually live in Kansas or the KC Metro. We have investigated and resolved this problem for you. Because of the ESPN3 carriage agreement which K-State so wisely negotiated for their third-tier properties, every K-State men's basketball game which isn't being aired by an ESPN network in the first place is still available on your television if your provider is among those who carry the ESPN College Extra package. That package is what used to be the ESPN GamePlan and ESPN Full Court pay-per-view packages, but the pay-per-view part has been excised. Here's a helpful table so you can figure out where to look -- and this is a very important note, it's worth looking there for ANY college football or basketball game which is listed as only airing on ESPN3.

AT&T U-Verse U400+
Sports Pack
614-621 (SD)
1614-1621 (HD)
Bright House Sports Pass 791-798 (HD)
Cox Premier
Sports+Info Pak
601-608 (SD)
DirecTV Sports Pack 788-798 (HD)
Time Warner TWC SportsPass 787-799 (HD)
Verizon Ultimate 321-328 (SD)

We should note that your channels may be different based on location, especially with Cox. In general, though, if you know where The Longhorn Network and/or the SEC Network are in your package, the ESPN College Extra channels tend to be in the same area. Check your guide.