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Who to Start? Joe Hubener or Kody Cook?

Kody Cook helped Kansas State secure a bowl bid, but is that enough to make him the starter in the bowl?

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

You all saw how wonderful your Bring on the Cats staff did at picking regular season games. Now it's time to compete against us in the annual Bring on the Cats Bowl Pick'em. Join the league and see if you can best our benevolent despot.

QB play has been an adventure this season, as injuries to Jesse Ertz, Alex Delton, and Jonathan Banks robbed the Wildcats of any QB depth they may have had. With those players out Joe Hubener, and Kody Cook were left standing. Somehow those two QB's played through bumps, bruises, and other unknown injuries to secure a bowl game for Kansas State. Now comes the tough part for Bill Snyder. Who do you start? Is it Joe Hubener whose started in 11 games, winning 5? Or is it Kody Cook who came in and gave the offense a shot of adrenaline late in the West Virginia game, which allowed the 'Cats to secure a Liberty Bowl berth? Even Bill isn't sure who to start at this juncture, though past comments lead one to believe that he prefers Cook's senior leadership at the wide receiver position. Time will tell if Bill makes a change, but based on the past, expect Joe Hubener to lead the hunt against the Razorbacks. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

The Liberty Bowl is expecting to sell out the 61,008 seat stadium. Arkansas has sold over 16,836 seats, while Kansas State has sold over 7,500. Hopefully Wildcat fans are grabbing the tickets on the secondary market. If not, it could play more like a road game for the Wildcats. (Matt Jones, Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

Here is your weekly dose of DISRESPECT, courtesy of the SEC Blog on Both Edward Ashcoff, and Alex Scarborough are predicting an Arkansas win over Kansas State. (SEC Blog,

Editor's note: This article was updated to reflect the correct number of tickets Arkansas has sold. The previous number of 25,400 was incorrect and referred to the number of tickets sold six years ago.