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Bowlsby confuses the bowl issue further; K-State Volleyball to NCAAs

This is it. Your final Monday before the regular season expires.

Just beat West Virginia, it all becomes irrelevant.
Just beat West Virginia, it all becomes irrelevant.
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Ninety-six teams are done with their regular season now. The end approaches, and the long cold spring and summer with it. Meanwhile, we wait to see what the NCAA is plotting as far as filling the 2-5 bowl slots which aren't going to be filled by 6-6 teams...

Eric previewed and recapped K-State's hair-raising win over South Carolina State. We also fired off quick shots regarding Skylar Thompson's insane performance in the Missouri Class 5 title game and K-State managing to get into the NCAA volleyball tournament field despite their Saturday night loss to Baylor.

Oh, and JT informed us how Dr. Frank Tracz spent his evening.

Finally, we've added a handy coaching change tracker because even if we're not making a move it's fun to talk about everyone else doing it.

Hold on to yourselves. Jon Solomon of CBS reports that Bob Bowlsby is throwing all sorts of stupid ideas out there as to how the NCAA might solve the bowl problem this year. Those ideas run the gamut from just cancelling bowls that can't fill their slots to declaring anyone who's 5-7 and has a 930 APR eligible. Of course, the only conferences who aren't going to be able to fill their contracted spots would be able to do so with 5-7 teams, so what's the point of complicating things?

And complicating matters is the fact that one of the members of the committee which has to sort all this out isn't anymore: Mark Richt, who is now no longer the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. He was both the only coach and the only SEC representative on that committee, so he has to be replaced before they can proceed. (By the committee, not by Georgia. That would really be complicated.)

Regardless, outside of just cancelling bowl games it appears that any proposal under serious consideration would make K-State bowl eligible. Stay tuned, true believers.

Kelly McHugh-Stewart recaps the Sunflower Showdown in Sports Extra.

Recaps of yesterday's win courtesy of Kellis Robinett at the Star and Eagle, Reuters, and Andrew Hammond at the Collegian.

More news on K-State's NCAA bid from the athletic department and a Wichita State perspective from Paul Suellentrop at the Eagle. The Shockers, 26-8 on the year and the Missouri Valley champs, are K-State's first round foe.