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Royals win the World Series, Kansas State WBB starts exhibition play


It feels so good.
It feels so good.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Christian Freakin' Colon, man.

We're still recovering from last night, so today's Slate will be brief. Consider it your Monday morning post-celebration celebrate-some-more thread.

Some stuff happened. Frank Beamer announced his retirement at season's end, which will leave Bill Snyder as the nation's dean of coaches. (Also, although we didn't cover it, Hawai'i fired Norm Chow, leaving ten FBS coaching gigs up for grabs and November's hardly started.).

The Wildcats picked up a 2016 basketball commit, and the new polls were released with Ohio State still firmly where they don't belong. Speaking of polls, BracketCat got caught up on our once-again delayed staff polls, with week eight.

Your fearless leader placed a target on his back by suggesting Miami could forfeit their win against Duke (as part of a larger point most people seemed to completely miss), so if you see Luther Campbell send out an alert.

Oh, yeah, and the Royals won the World Series. Parade Tuesday from Power & Light to Union Station.

ESPN's main bowl projections have Brett McMurphy slotting K-State against Kentucky in the Liberty Bowl, while Mark Schlabach thinks K-State is going... nowhere. This is unlikely, as McMurphy noted in tweets yesterday that it seems almost impossible for a bunch of 5-7 Power 5 teams to stay home this December because there just aren't enough teams for slots. (Really, why don't we just have 64 bowl games and let everyone go?)

The ladies kick off their exhibition season tonight at Bramlage against Washburn. Ahead of that, Ken Corbitt profiles incoming transfer and Wamego star Kaylee Page.

That's all we have for you today, thanks to the bye week. Enjoy your Blue November, and start getting ready for Thursday night football!