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K-State must run in order to beat Texas Tech.

Kansas State much establish the run game if it wants to beat Texas Tech on the road this Saturday.

The QB run game will be huge against Texas Tech.
The QB run game will be huge against Texas Tech.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Jon brought everyone the CFB Playoff rankings, which is good because it saves us from needing to watch.

A staple of the Kansas State offense the past few season has been the QB run game. Those runs are more than just the QB deciding to keep the ball, they are a product of a team effort. (Kellis Robinett, The KC Star)

Just in time to face one of the worst rushing defenses in the Big 12, Kansas State has gotten its rushing attack up and running. (Ken Corbitt, The Capital Journal)

Bill Snyder is ready for this team to "start boiling", and showing that getting better everyday has paid off. (Liz Heath, The Collegian)

While unlikely to play much during the regular season, Austin Budke has filled in nicely in the post during Kansas State's two exhibition games. (Joel Jellison, The Manhattan Mercury)