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A Helmet Sticker for Kody Cook, an Apology from the Big 12, and an arrest

We ease into a new week with a quiet morning.

Of the dozens of pictures available from Saturday, somehow Kody Cook wasn't in a single one of them.
Of the dozens of pictures available from Saturday, somehow Kody Cook wasn't in a single one of them.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's fiasco, and the reactions to it, really left a sour taste in your benevolent despot's eating orifice. It took several hours to really sink in, but the realization finally dawned. I just don't have it in me to hate anything other than ahject stupidity.

You've all probably figured this out, for the most part. After all, I'm that guy who actually tries to be nice to That School Down the Road. I'm pals with Texas. I sneak around behind K-State's back with Alabama so long as the Wildcats aren't expecting me. I may talk some quality smack about other programs, but I don't really hate any of them except for maybe Ohio State and Florida State -- and even that's just sneering disdain.

I just can't generate enough hate to blast someone just because of the school they root for. It boggles my mind that complete strangers will hunt down people associated with a program to rub their faces in a loss. I think that unless you're talking about an online diploma mill, pointing and laughing at another school's academics is the one of the most ludicrous pastimes in which one can engage. (Trust me: I've known people with Ivy League degrees who were straight-up idiots, incapable of even holding their own in an argument with college dropouts.)

What I'm getting at here is: why?

Ultimately, do sports even matter so much that being a completely intolerable jerk to someone just because your team played theirs is something we should treat with anything but the utmost contempt? Shouldn't we, for a moment, consider the possibility that anyone who'd behave in that fashion just because of a dumb game might be a sociopath? Doesn't it seem rational to assume that these sort of people are just bad people?

It's probably a good thing I'm not the absolute dictator of this country. I might be tempted to ship them all off to my newly-created walled fortress of Wyoming, along with lots of other people whose only real crime is being utterly without social merit.

All that to say, in the midst of all the garbage Saturday night, there was one other theme that reverberated through my Twitter mentions: "I really like you K-State folks, and I'm sorry that happened." Quite a bit of it came from folks wearing orange and black.

That said, it's time for purple-on-purple hate week. STUPID TOADS.

Of course, most of the garbage Saturday came from people who flatly refused to believe our visual evidence (thanks, ifkcaa), which makes the Big 12 apologizing for the error really funny.

What wasn't funny was Cre Moore getting arrested in the wee hours Sunday morning, as reported by ECAW, and we still have no idea what he's been charged with.

Finally, in the new polls yesterday the Saturday loss had very little impact; a miracle win over TCU would put K-State in the top 25, while the loss we expect would simply cause the handful of people still voting for K-State to stop.

At Cowboys Ride for Free, Gerald Tracy offered his thoughts on Oklahoma State's win -- and acknowledged the error before the Big 12 left everyone with no choice, as well as giving Kody Cook his due respect. Also, he correctly grasped that we weren't actually trying to claim the chain fiasco cost K-State the game.

ESPN's Max Olsen handed out Big 12 helmet stickers, and Cook got one.

K-State opened their fall rowing season with a trip to Oklahoma City for the Head of the Oklahoma, competing against crews from Oklahoma, Tulsa, Central Oklahoma, Eastern Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon State, Texas A&M, Washington, Wichita State, hosts Oklahoma City, and others.

Oddly, the varsity crews didn't fare well, with the eights coming in 5th and 10th and the fours placing 5th, 8th, 9th, 14th, and 15th. But the novices excelled. The novice fours snagged the top two places plus fourth, and the novice eight took first place in their event.

Next up: the Jayhawk Jamboree in Lawrence on October 18.