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Gameday! K-State's Men's Basketball set to take on Emporia St.

Kansas State football enjoys a much needed Saturday off, while the Men's basketball team faces off against Emporia State in an exhibition game tonight.

Wes Iwundu lead Kansas State into tonight's game with Emporia State.
Wes Iwundu lead Kansas State into tonight's game with Emporia State.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Jon brought you the best ways to watch College Football this evening. Though it's doubtful anyone will be watching College Football tonight.

With starting QB Seth Russell out for the remainder of the season, the Big 12 blog at examines his replacement Jarrett Stidham, and asks what to expect from the true freshman.

With an off week this week, Kevin Haskin muses on what life would be like if the Big 12 North never broke up. (Kevin Haskin, The Capital Journal)

Kansas State is ready for basketball season, as they kick off their first game tonight against Emporia State. The goal for Bruce Weber is to ease this young team into the season, and an early match-up with Emporia State should be an easy test for the Wildcats.

During tonight's game, the plan is to test different line-ups and new rules since the contest is an exhibition. (Joel Jellison, The Mercury) Apparently fouling too much has been a problem for the Wildcats as an internal scrimmage saw the teams whistled for 38 fouls in just 25 minutes of game time. My guess? They couldn't play more time in scrimmage because too many players had fouled out. Hopefully, it's less ugly tonight, though I'm not holding my breath.