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Let's see if we still own Texas...

Kansas State is in Austin to battle the Longhorns and Mother Nature.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully, our long, dark night of the soul is over. To that end, TB attempts to cast the light of reason on our recent woes with this Midseason Report: What's Wrong with K-State?

Game day is here. If you're anything like me, you're having trouble mustering your usual enthusiasm today. Maybe it's because we're on a three-game Big 12 losing streak, but maybe it's just because it's an 11 AM kickoff, or even because you don't think the weather conditions are conducive to good football. Whatever your reasons, we refuse to let lack of information be your excuse, because Jon Morse has all your TV/radio/streaming information right here in the HOW TO WATCH post.

The big news in Texas today is the weather, and Austin is getting pounded with rain. The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for that part of the state, and suggested people stay off major roads. But as far as we can tell, college football is proceeding as normal (Phil Prazan, KXAN).

Since we're doing this thing, we might as well talk about it. The Longhorns are not taking Kansas State lightly, and the history of the "We Own Texas" series is at least part of the reason (Mike Finger, Houston Chronicle).

In fact, Texas knows exactly how the Wildcats feel, since they've been on the receiving end of a blowout loss and a losing streak already this season (Dallas Morning News). The Longhorns bounced back and found unexpected victory, and hopefully, the Wildcats can do the same today.

One of the more sobering aspects of last week's debacle was the slight shadow it cast on Bill Snyder's otherwise legendary status. In their Take Ten column, Kirk Bohls and Cedric Golden of the Austin American-Statesman suggest the Snyder era has come to an end.

Most of the pro-purple media is too absorbed with the Kansas City Royals' return to the World Series to pay much attention to Kansas State, but there is a smattering of news about the game. In his K-Stated column, Kellis Robinett ponders similarly depressing questions, including whether Kansas State's mysterious playcalling is driving away sought-after recruits at running back (Wichita Eagle).

The CatZone Podcast ponders whether the Wildcats can recover from a historical loss and get things back on track. Magic 8 ball says "outlook not so good." (Ken Corbitt, Tim Bisel; Topeka Capital-Journal).

Earlier in the week, Snyder confirmed Joe Hubener would get the nod at quarterback for this game, but they're ready to replace him as needed. To that end, Kody Cook has been splitting time at quarterback and receiver in practice. It's been a tough adjustment for Cook, but he's game and he's ready (Corbitt, Capital-Journal).

As fans, we're a bit weary of the walk-on narrative, but sometimes a good story is still a good story. That's definitely the case for Stanton Weber, who was destined to be a Wildcat, but this feature is a good reminder that walk-ons have always been a big deal at Kansas State, and it began all the way back in 1989 in Snyder's first season (Lindsay Schnell, Campus Rush).

Whatever happens today, everyone stay warm, dry, and safe.