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How desirable is the Kansas State job?

How many coaches would consider leaving their current position to coach at Kansas State. Plus, Bill Snyder talks changing up the half time report, and just how bad do the experts expect Wildcat basketball to be this season?

He won't be coaching forever...
He won't be coaching forever...
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Bracketcat started our week off right, with a breakdown of the depth chart. Spoiler-Duke Shelley makes an appearance!

The depth chart breakdown is followed by an even more serious endeavor. Luke and Jon combined in the noble practice of picking college football games. The noble part being that it's for entertainment purposes only.

Almost everyone is familiar with the term "Clemsoning". For those that aren't familiar, "Clemsoning" is the art of losing to an unranked team when it's least expected, thus tanking their chance for a National title. Well, Fox sports is advocating the term should be changed from "Clemsoning" to "Soonering".

It seems like something like this comes out every year, but so far I hadn't seen for for this season. Ty Duffy of The Big Lead, ranked college football teams, by their desirability, and then put them into five different tiers. Where does K-State fall? That would be tier five, right next to the likes of Kansas, Iowa State, Wake Forest and Indiana to name a few. Which in my opinion is garbage. I know it's challenging to recruit to Manhattan, but give the profile of the program you would be forced to put Kansas State on at least the same level of Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State. I refuse to believe there are coaches out there who would turn down Kansas State to coach at Rutgers or Kentucky (both of whom are slotted ahead of the Wildcats).

Previews for this weekends games are starting to come out, the first from the AP. (via

Brandon Chapman's Big 12 blog touched on some hot button issues for Wildcat fans, the first: "Why can't K-State succeed at passing more in the 3rd quarter?", and the other a simple "What is wrong with the coaching staff?"

Even though Bill Snyder is 76, he still pulls in the recruits. Even more impressive is the fact that those recruiting classes have gotten better each year since he returned to the Wildcat sidelines. (AP, Dave Skretta)

OUr friends over at Crimson and Cream Machine have moved on from the Debacle in Dallas, and have turned their attention to our favorite purple Powercats. (M. Hofeld, Crimson and Cream Machine.)

Probably my favorite Big 12 writer, Berry Tramel writes about Bill Snyder and how humbled Bill is by the devotion of Kansas State fans.

On Wednesday, Snyder spoke about the need to look at adjusting the Wildcats approach to halftime in the wake of two straight games where they have blown big halftime leads.

The Dallas Morning News checks in with the five things Sooners fans should know about Kansas State. (Joshua Friemel, Dallas Morning News)

CBS Sports released a ranking of all 351 basketball teams, with Kansas State checking in at 116. Good news? That puts the Wildcats in the top half of college basketball teams. Bad news? That ranking puts Kansas State 9th in the conference just in front of Texas Tech.(Mark Cooper, Tulsa World)