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K-State Slate: 1.7.15 - Make-or-Break Time for Basketball

It's a "must win" game tonight, and Jim Mora explains the subtle art of handshakes.

Hopefully this contest goes better than the football one did.
Hopefully this contest goes better than the football one did.
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Not a lot of action out of the staff yesterday, but BigE cozily interrogated the enemy camp, and EMAW filled us in on some rumors about some basketball player who might have ties to Australia. Bonus content on why we aren't good at basketball and who our next football coach(es) will be in the comments...and Fred Hoiberg gifs.

"Must win" is the official buzz word for tonight's game, which is not something Wildcat nation has grown accustomed to hearing in regards to the Big 12 home opener. As you may have heard, it's the first time in over a decade since below .500 is a possibility at this point in the season, and it appears the players are aware of this on some level. Kellis Robinett (KC Star) narrates this point with some quotes from players and Weber himself. Ken Corbitt (Capital Journal) echos similar sentiments.

As far as game previews go, Kellis brings us his standard game preview, and K-State Sports does the same, including a reminder of what happened on Saturday.

Kevin Haskins (Capital Journal) entertains us with his mid-week musings, talking about topical items such as Marcus Foster, other basketball teams, and even cracking a Jim Mora joke.

Speaking of Jim Mora, on the Rich Eisen Show, he gave his takes on the whole handshake ordeal, as relayed by Kellis Robinett (Wichita Eagle). He says something about white lines and dangerous environments, then talks about himself some more. Yes, I'm being facetious.

The Lady Cat's unblemished home record is no more, after falling to the fifth ranked Baylor Bears 74-44. K-State Sports gives you all the gorey details, including the Cats starting 1-14 from the field. Yikes.

The Women's Tennis team is making waves ranked by the International Tennis Association for the fourth year in a row, brought to you by K-State Sports