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K-State Slate: 1.6.15-Has Marcus Foster quit on Kansas State?

Marcus Foster does not appear to be leaving Kansas State, however he doesn't appear to have handled his benching well.

Is Foster jumping ship?
Is Foster jumping ship?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was a day for rumors and conjecture not sportswriting as there was nothing new from your BOTC crew. However, I want to highlight two recent articles. The first is yesterday's slate. Please check it out and read about the late Jack Parr. The other article that you MUST check out is Jon's great eulogy to the great Stuart Scott.

Believe it or not things could get worse for Kansas State basketball, especially if Marcus Foster has quit on the Wildcats. (Sean Keeler, Fox Sports Kansas City.)

If Kansas State is going to salvage any of the season at this point, it has to start Wednesday at home against TCU. (Kellis Robinett, The Wichita Eagle)

Despite the team struggles this season, Bruce Weber has remained positive about his team. (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital Journal)

The Marcus Foster benching and subsequent fall out is much ado about nothing according to his former AAU Coach. (Sean Keeler, Fox Sports KC)

Kansas State mourning the loss of Jack Parr. (Staff Reports,

The women's basketball team is getting ready to take on the 6th ranked Baylor Bears tonight in Bramlage Coliseum. (staff reports, K-State

A fitting end to two careers, Waters to Lockett for a touchdown, will always be the final collegiate play for both players. And without Waters, Lockett, and Sexton, Kansas State will have a much different look to their offense next season. (Kellis Robinett, The KC Star)

Mike Dibbini, Kansas State's first women's soccer coach, is familiar with building a program, having taken Cal Poly Pomona all the way to the West Region title game. (Enrique Cervantes, The Poly Post.)