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K-State Slate: 1.30.15 - Sunflower Showdown, Part 280

We look ahead to the KU game, and what still could be.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Luke Thompson wonders out loud about Kansas State's post-season chances without a point guard in his Tournament Thursday column. Meanwhile, a purple commit flips to Nebraska in a move that makes us scratch our collective heads.

It's the time of the season, when hope runs high (with apologies to the Zombies). Kansas State is headed to Lawrence for the 280th episode of one of basketball's longest-running rivalries on Saturday. Kansas is 19-4 against the Wildcats under Bill Self, and maybe that's all we really need to say about this game?

Allen Fieldhouse is a notoriously difficult place for a team to try to get back on the rails. On the one hand, nothing about Kansas State--either in this season or historically--suggests that a repeat of the 2006 win is at hand. On the other hand, the majority of players on this roster know how to beat Kansas, and that experience may help them avoid their usual woes. (Emilio Rivera, K-State Collegian)

Nino Williams, who suffered a minor knee injury against West Virginia, is doubtful to play against Kansas. He has been at practice, however, shooting free throws and he will be assessed against before tip-off. (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star)

The women's team will take the adrenaline from the overtime win over Oklahoma State to Lubbock this weekend. The series with Texas Tech is one of the most closely contested, with the Wildcats holding a narrow 14-12 edge.

The Red Raiders are coming off a big win of their own. Led by a 33-point, 11-15 shooting performance from senior Amber Battle, Texas Tech routed West Virginia to end a three-game losing streak. (Grant Flanders, K-State Collegian)

In view of the news that a Kansas State recruit has flipped, this excellent SB Nation longform on the recruiting process seems apropos: Committed(?)

Yesterday, the NCAA vacated as many as 74 baseball victories for Wichita State, based on allegations of improper benefits given to at least 21 players. This is in addition to one year of probation and a $5000 fine. The school intends to appeal. (Paul Suellentrop, Wichita Eagle)