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K-State Slate: 1.21.15 - Basketball Falls Short, Track Does the Opposite

Subsidize your basketball sorrows with some sweet track validation.

It was nice while it lasted, but we are numero uno no mas.
It was nice while it lasted, but we are numero uno no mas.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, there were mistakes, and yes, Iowa State may have had a case of the brown-bottle flu, but it was still leaps and bounds better than what any of us could have hoped for one month ago. Nino Williams was racking up "hustle points" all night, and complemented them with a career scoring effort as well. There's no such thing as moral victories, but this loss is not one to be ashamed of by any means.

Relive last night's valiant effort against the Cyclones with KSUEMAW's expertly written post. You can read all the pregame stuff and stuff as well if you'd like, but reading the recap sure would save you a lot of time.

Kellis Robinett of Kansas City Star fame takes us through the high and low-lights of the game, including all those empty possessions and their highly inconvenient timing. Quotes from both sides include excuses as to why the outcome was the way it was. Speaking of the empty possessions, Kevin Haskin (Capital Journal) spoke on this phenomena and how it might be a good idea to develop an offense that doesn't rely on Foster predictably jacking up contested three's when the game is on the line. It's a crazy idea, but it's worth a SHOT. HA.

Kellis' game notes bring a few more interesting side-stories to light.

If you're more of a no-nonsense type of guy (or girl), get the raw numbers from last night's game, as provided by the Kansas City Star. There's a photo gallery from the same source on the other end of this link.

I hope this picture/article title combo will confuse you as much as it confused me.

This was posted in the Slate comments yesterday, but it is reposted here for emphasis. Michael Beasley is balling it up on the other side of the world, earning the Chinese All-Star game MVP, setting a record or two in the process. A video highlight is included, complete with the finest Chinese pop song you've never heard.

A big round of applause for both our men's and women's track squad, as they both rank in the top ten in the first dual meet rankings of the year. The women are ranked third and the men are ranked tenth.