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K-State Slate: 1.14.15 - There's Basketball to Watch Again

For the first time in roughly an iodine-131 half-life, the basketball Cats face a team who has fallen on harder times than they.

This guy definitely plays basketball
This guy definitely plays basketball
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

PSA: it's one month from Valentine's Day, so if you aren't spending that evening crying into an empty pizza box and asking where it all went wrong like any normal person, I suggest you get your reservation game on.

Unlike yesterday's slate comments, all of the posts yesterday were basketball related. BigE offered up his thoughts on the game tonight, and BracketCat tells us how our strength of schedule really took a hit last weekend. How much this will matter on selection Sunday is debatable.

Warm up your reading goggles with a brief preview presented by Kellis Robinett (KC Star). Meanwhile, the folks at the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal sound a lot like we did a week or so ago. If you're in an optimistic mood, this won't hurt any, because they didn't really mention the struggles we had before last Wednesday.

Newsflash: Marcus Foster helps K-State win basketball games when he's not being selfish. Kellis Robinett once again brings us this piece (KC Star).

Despite his sub-optimal team decision, Cliff Alexander had a pretty neat dunk last night. Admire at your own risk.

John Currie may get the opportunity to do some Big 12 politicking of his own on next year's playoff committee. As Ralph D. Russo of the Capital-Journal explains, Oliver Luck has resigned from his position (I don't blame him), depriving the Big 12 of an athletic director representative. Of course there are other potential candidates, but considering Currie's recent accolades and relative notoriety, don't be surprised if he gets the nod. Also, I hope you haven't bought your "New Year's Day 2016 is for Playoff Football" t-shirts yet, because the semi's will now be on New Year's Eve.

Tyler Lockett garners a consensus all-american honor from the NCAA themselves (K-State Sports). It is the 11th consensus pick in Kansas State history, and is just one more feather Tyler can add to his very decorated hat.