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K-State Slate: 09.5.14 - Opportunity, Effort, Mueller

All your Farmageddon previews, plus good news for the volleyball team

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A veritable cornucopia of content dropped yesterday. Here's a quick hits list of the stories we covered:

Jon Morse tells you What to Watch in Week 2 (with complete TV listings), and then joins forces with Luke Thompson for the Wednesday FEPO post.

BracketCat brought us the very first Bring on the Cats Top 25 poll, in which your writing/editorial staff voted and tried not to be total homers about it. Don't miss your chance to roundly mock our picks!

Morse has been busy answering questions for Iowa State fans. This time, he sits down for a Farmageddon Q&A with CanAzn of Wide Right & Natty Lite.

Finally, we had a double helping of Curtis Kitchen, who riffed on active K-State and Big 12 players on NFL rosters, and also brought us the Week 2 BotC Roundtable.

Don't miss the Week 2 storystream for all your Farmageddon preview needs.

Nobody has forgotten Ryan Mueller, and especially not Art Briles. As noted in this Collegian profile of #44, Mueller is a fierce competitor who gets noticed for his effort and his talent. But you already knew that.

And speaking of Mueller, Kelly McHugh has the second part of A Special Bond, an SE series on Mueller and his friendship with Kaiden Schroeder, who recently received a clean bill of health.

Iowa State will have a lot on its hands this weekend, but handling K-State's strong offensive line is the top priority.

Kellis Robinett previews the game for the Kansas City Star, and notes that Jake Waters' family is Iowa State all the way, and Waters is helping put K-State on the local fan radar.

Our cousins at Rock Chalk Talk preview big games for Week 2, including this weekend's edition of Farmageddon, i.e. the most important Big 12 game of the week.

Much further away, the Corvallis Gazette previews the games of the week, and quotes Bill Snyder on his general dislike of conference games this early in the schedule.

Kevin Haskin has his football notes for the day, including a preview of the Iowa State game and a look back at Snyder's debut at K-State, a shutout loss at Arizona State. I had not thought about this before, but that loss must have influenced Snyder's views on non-conference scheduling, because we did not play another season-opening game against a high profile opponent until the game against USC to start the 2001 season (and I'm discounting the 1996 season which opened with the first-ever Big 12 game against Texas Tech, and the "preseason" Eddie Robinson Classic against Iowa in 2000).

Another Week 2 viewing guide, this time from FBSchedules. The Dread Pirate Leach will be in action tonight when Washington State takes on Nevada.

DeMarcus Robinson gets a bit of love in the ESPN(blog) crew's Big 12 Week 2 Player Spotlight post.

Finally, while not about K-State, I wanted to highlight this SB Nation story on the Michigan State-Oregon matchup, and how Nick Saban was not always regarded as the greatest coach to ever walk the sideline (or whatever). It's strange to think that Alabama football owes so much to former Spartan Amp Campbell!

In a match where K-State hit above 0.400, the volleyball team swept Arkansas 3-0 in the opening round of the Varney's Invitational at Bramlage. Next up is Middle Tennessee State. If you're in Manhattan, consider buying tickets to support the team in what looks like an exciting season ahead. First serve is tonight at 7 PM.

The K-State cross country team kicks off its 2014 season with the JK Classic Gold Duals this Saturday against host Wichita State and a small group of NAIA schools.

The Colbert-Fogler Golf Classic tees off this weekend. The event is a benefit for the Colbert Hills Golf Club, the home course of K-State golf. The event will also include the unveiling of the Colbert Hills Hall of Fame.