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K-State Slate: 9.4.14 - Kody Cook Lives the Dream

Mark Mangino is a familiar face for K-State and Kody Cook gets to live his childhood dreams.

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Tons of content to catch up on from yesterday, which is always a good thing.

First, we look back at the fallout from the first week of football, with Jon Morse's Unboxing the College Football Polls, an analysis of the rankings for Week 1, and WaggsCat's take on the underlying storylines for K-State.

Next, we look ahead to this weekend's edition of Farmageddon, with Bring on the Podcast and KnowDan of Wide Right & Natty Lite, and Luke Thompson and Morse break down the weekend football slate with Tuesday/Wednesday FEPO.

Finally, WaggsCat and JT bring us A Decade of K-State Recruiting, analyzing the recruiting classes of 2002-2005 and the end of Snyder 1.0.

A steady trickle of coverage on K-State's matchup with the Iowa State Cyclones begins with this anonymous feature from Athlon.

Kellis Robinett notes that Iowa State is familiar territory for Mark Mangino, who also has a kindler, gentler attitude this time around. But Bill Snyder is not thrilled about facing a former assistant, especially one as familiar with K-State as Mangino. The Collegian also picks up the familiar face angle, with a reference to the Fighting Manginos that is maybe still a bit too close to the bone.

Meanwhile, Iowa State is hoping to avoid an 0-2 start.

Fansided's Talking 12 has its Week 1 Big 12 Power Rankings. Not much movement, with Oklahoma, Baylor and K-State staying in the top three spots. The story repeats itself in the Dallas Morning News' Big 12 Power Rankings as well, although TCU moved up a spot and Texas Tech was downgraded slightly.

Must Read Alert: Clones Confidential has this Q&A with some guy named Jon Morse, who answers the five questions on every Iowa State's fans mind.

Clones Confidential also breaks down K-State's special teams, and notes this unit is similar to the one Iowa State puts on the field. I don't know if the Cyclones are capable of enough fireworks on special teams to really threaten the Wildcats this weekend, but one of the few bright spots in Iowa State's debacle against North Dakota State was the punting.

Jake Waters talks football in a Q&A with the ESPN(blog) crew. It's possible that Waters' big challenge this week will be finding tickets for all his family and friends to watch him play in his home state for the first time since he arrived at K-State. The one friend he won't have to buy a ticket for is Iowa State running back Aaron Wimberly. The two were teammates at Iowa Western, as noted in the ESPN(blog)'s Big 12 Morning Links.

Kody Cook grew up purple and is now living the dream, especially after scoring his first Division 1 touchdown in the opener against Stephen F Austin.

Tuesdays at Vanier features Bill Snyder's mid-week comments to the press. It is about as edifying as you would expect, with the coach saying things like "[A]nybody can beat anybody."

Not exactly K-State news, but ahead of the Huskers' contest with McNeese State, the Daily Nebraskan name-drops Daniel Sams and his time at K-State.

Summer baseball is officially over with this final summer baseball update. Of note, Evan Marshall has not allowed a run in his last three games with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Ross Kivett, playing with the West Michigan Whitecaps, is in the Midwest League playoffs.

The equestrian team kicks off a new season with the Purple-White scrimmage this Saturday. Admission is free. The season officially begins on September 19 when the Wildcats host South Carolina.

The volleyball team will host the Varney's Invitational at Bramlage starting today. The four-team tournament also includes Arkansas, UCF and Middle Tennessee State.