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K-State Slate: 9.3.14-Jake Waters proves you can go home.

Jake Waters says he's excited to play in his home state, while Kaiden Schroeder gets the best news of his life.

On a slow news Wednesday Jake Waters' is excited to go home!
On a slow news Wednesday Jake Waters' is excited to go home!
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on Bring on the Cats: Bracket continues his outstanding work breaking down the Wildcats Week 2 depth chart. Yesterday was probably the slowest main article day in weeks and don't count on that continuing as we have some MAJOR content dropping today. You won't want to miss any of the action!

We start out in enemy territory as Warden11, and dnoll5 both have conference recaps up at RCT.

The KC Star has a breakdown of K-State's poll position in the Week Two coaches and AP polls. Can anyone explain why we went from Pre-season polls to week two polls? Where did week one go?

From the, this weeks press release regarding the first Big 12 game of the season, which of course features the Kansas State Wildcats traveling to Ames to take on Iowa State.

The Journal has Bill Snyder's full press conference, which is worth watching if only to hear Bill say Whitehair will see the field because he has his eyes open. Don't ever change Coach. Also, from The Journal Ken Corbittt has the scoop on Jake Waters' excitement at going home, while Tim Bisel writes about how Snyder's familiarity with Mangino could be a bad thing. Lastly, Kevin Haskin muses about Tyler Lockett playing more of a role against Iowa State, and expects the Cyclones to bounce back nicely.

Everyone should be impressed with the commitment DeMarcus Robinson has shown K-State and here's why. In an era where if you expect to play and it's clear you won't anytime soon you, most people just transfer to a different situation, but not Robinson. Robinson stuck by Bill Snyder and the Wildcats, and he now finds himself as the starter in part because of his commitment to the program. Robinett has the full story on Robinson's long journey to K-State's starting running back.

Bill Snyder is pleased and surprised by the efforts of first-year players and hopes for continued improvement, writes Adam Suderman of the Collegian.

Bobby La Gesse of the Ames Tribune reports the Cyclone's have to find a way to produce on offense in the wake of Quenton Bundrage's season ending injury.

Jeremy Fowler of has your week one overreactions, while Erik Horne of the Oklahoman writes that the Big 12 coaches were not surprised by the high level of play Oklahoma State, and West Virginia showed in their opening games.

The Daily O'Collegian, Oklahoma State's student newspaper, gives us our weekly dose of DISRESPECT in their article about the best Big 12 traditions. You can't be too hard on them though...they didn't even rank their own school. In related news regarding school traditions, check out this fanshot by our benevolent despot regarding a Cornhusker and his hatred of dedicated debit card lines.

Lastly, EVERYONE needs to go read this story, as Kelly McHugh writes about the special bond between Ryan Mueller and Kaiden Schroeder. You'll remember Kaiden Schroeder as the best running back from the spring game. Well Schroeder got even better news this past July as he was declared cancer free and is now in remission! Congratulations to Kaiden and his family.