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K-State Slate: 9.24.14-Previewing UTEP and Kansas State gets a coach from NDSU

The Wildcats appear to be quickly moving past the letdown from last Thursday, and Kansas State hires a coach away from North Dakota State, although it may not be who you think.

Stopping this man will be the key for the Wildcat defense
Stopping this man will be the key for the Wildcat defense
Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's slow content day gave way to a tsunami of content yesterday. Morse was a busy, busy, benevolent despot yesterday, first unboxing the polls, and then detailing his five thoughts on The Letdown. Morse also teamed with Luke to give us the first of two FEPO betting options (which of course we won't bet on because that's illegal). Of course, Bracket dropped some Depth Chart analysis knowledge, while Pervis broke down last weeks Auburn crowd sourcing, and set up the weekly vote for the UTEP game.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Morse visited with our friends at Miner Rush, UTEP's SBNation site, to talk Miners-'Cats. It's a good listen, ya'll need to go check it out.

With such a big game last week, it only makes sense that we would still be digesting what actually transpired. Arne Green notes that while there are no moral victories, there can be silver linings -- especially for a defense that performed like it did Thursday.

One takeaway from the Auburn game that I've noticed: while Kansas State lost, they are still getting a ton of respect for playing the game. Most Big 12 power rankings I've seen still list the 'Cats third, which I think should scare Baylor and OU; I think both teams have at least one loss by the time conference play ends. This may also say something for scheduling more Power 5 schools, as the narrative appears to be "hey, you played a Power 5 team, good on ya", even if you lost. One could argue a loss to a Power 5 conference foe is better than a win against a rum-dum.

Tuesday, Head Coach Bill Snyder had his weekly press conference. He was asked a variety of questions ranging from how to stop UTEP's dynamic running back, Aaron Jones, to his thoughts on former K-State linebacker Ben Leber being in town to call the game. has a preview of the UTEP game, noting that UTEP has one of the premier running backs in college football and K-State will need to show the defensive improvement against the run that they showed during the Auburn game.

Yesterday also happened to be UTEP head coach Sean Kugler's press conference. Alex Nicolas of Miner Rush gave his thoughts, noting that Kansas State has a "great formula on defense" for taking away what a team likes to do.

I don't usually link to another blog, unless its an SBNation blog or one on the main sports outlets, but I'm making an exception here. Yesterday the news broke that Michael Beasley has agreed to a contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. 3 Shades of Blue, a Memphis Grizz blog, broke down the signing and B-Easy, noting his talent but also his propensity for letting off-court issues get the better of him. It's a pretty decent article which captures the professional enigma that is Michael Beasley.

WE GOT THE COACH FROM NORTH DAKOTA STATE, WE GOT THE COACH FROM NORTH DAKOTA STATE. Wait....what? What do you mean? Craig Bohl left for Wyoming. But the press release says the coach comes from North Dakota State? Oh, well this makes more sense.

After 14 seasons at North Dakota State, Ryun Godfrey has become K-State's new Cross Country head coach, as well as an assistant track and field coach. Godfrey led his teams to a combined 30 conference titles at NDSU so there's high hopes he can bring a championship or two back to Manhattan.