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K-State Slate: 9.20.14 - Reading between the lines

Hot takes, narratives, and college football...

I'm very curious what Snyder actually said to Marshall.
I'm very curious what Snyder actually said to Marshall.
Jamie Squire

The Auburn game featured heavily here yesterday, and brought with it a few pointed reminders.

First, TB reminded us that the narrative should not distort reality, but also that the SEC superiority story has taken a bit of a hit.

Curtis Kitchen reminded us of the game itself, complete with if's, but's and the yips. A coach says something, the media reports it out as something else, and within seconds, you have a tempest in the internet teapot.

Resident sage TB cleared up the situation with a reminder not to take #HOTTAKES too seriously.

Meanwhile, with a reminder that it's time to move on from the Auburn game, BracketCat brought us Week 2 of Wildcats in the NFL.

Our game was two days ago now, and in that time, the world (and especially the Twitterverse) has not been kind to Jack Cantele. That is deeply unfair and it's safe to say nobody feels worse about the outcome of the game than Cantele himself. His road to recovery began with the following tweet, and in the process, he put to bed some of the criticism directed at him, and he did it with class:

Bill Snyder suggested this was a K-State loss more than an Auburn win. While this will no doubt be seen as sour grapes by some, I don't think it's that far-fetched. Certainly, it's much more credible than Snyder accusing Auburn of stealing signals.

There were other interesting stories around the game, including this feature on Sam Ponder's return to Manhattan. I like her better already.

Also, demonstrating a level of dedication we probably cannot match, an Alabama fan made the long trip to Manhattan just to root against Auburn. Roll Snyd.

ATTENTION: this is your OPEN GAME THREAD for the early games today.

A lot of Big 12 teams are off this week, and K-State is already back in the barn. (Ugh, pun definitely not intended). Here's all the Big 12 action, all times Central:


Kansas vs Central Michigan (2:30 PM; FoxSports Net (check local listings))
Oklahoma vs West Virginia (6:30 PM; FOX)

Non-Big 12 action of interest includes:

Florida vs Alabama (2:30 PM; CBS)
Nebraska vs Miami (7:00 PM; ESPN2/WatchESPN)
Florida State vs Clemson (7:00 PM; ABC)
Oregon vs Washington State (9:30 PM; ESPN/WatchESPN)

There will be an open thread for the late games too.

The volleyball team won its tenth straight match yesterday, with a 3-1 defeat of Michigan in Ann Arbor. A school-record 23.5 blocks helped power the team to victory. Currently at 12-1, this is the team's best record since they opened the 2010 season with 12 consecutive wins.

Kelly McHugh has a great profile on K-State guard Shaelyn Martin, who is fulfilling a childhood dream by suiting up for the Wildcats.

The cross country team suffered a bit of a setback this week when head coach Mike Smith announced his departure. He'll be the new head coach at Army.

K-State underclassmen outperformed expectations and led the team to an upset victory over No. 2 South Carolina. The K-State riders won four of five disciplines.

The Danielle Steinberg era of K-State tennis began with a bang at the OU Invite. The team notched seven wins on the opening day, led by sophomore Livia Cirnu who is on a five-game winning streak dating back to the end of the last season.