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K-State Slate: 9.19.14 - Missing Out

"There was another life I might have had, but I am having this one."

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. That happened.

It's hard to say K-State played well enough to win the game when the Wildcats didn't actually win the game. But this is the nature of football. It turns on a play or two. A bobbled pass that turns into an interception. A couple of bad holds that lead to missed field goals. These things happen, and some teams can overcome leaving 16 points on the field. K-State was not one of those teams last night.

There are no moral victories, of course, but make no mistakes. The team may have lost this game, but it was an overall win for the program. Bill Snyder, the players, the stadium, the fans, all left a good impression on the college football world.

We may struggle through the rest of the season, or we may wake up and play better than ever. One thing is for sure, more people noticed K-State last night. For a fanbase that still leans heavily on DISRESPECT, this is a huge positive, a bellwether of how far we've come in Snyder's second tenure.

We had a bit of Auburn-specific content drop yesterday that maybe slightly stale now, but also some content that is evergreen.

First, nugget1224 made his debut here with The Analytical, where he broke down K-State's game with Stephen F. Austin.

Second, TB took to Kicking the Tires for Auburn, and PurpleBrunette had the Week 4 injury report.

Finally, Jon Morse and Campus Insiders brought us a look back at the last time K-State took an opponent deemed too strong and too fast, when we played Oklahoma in 2012.

I don't know about you, but I don't have any particular interest in reading about how K-State lost yesterday. The general tenor of these reports is that K-State missed out. Jon's post-game recap pretty much says it all.

But for those interested in reliving it, here are a few recaps of the game, listed in no particular order:

K-State SID (not attributed)
K-State Collegian (Austin Earl)
Kansas City Star (Vahe Gregorian)
The Wichita Eagle (Kellis Robinett)
Topeka Capital-Journal (Tim Bisel)
Topeka Capital-Journal (Ken Corbitt; video)
Topeka Capital-Journal (Kevin Haskin)
Salina Journal (Arne Green) (Brandon Marcello)
Associated Press (Dave Skretta)
BoxScore (not attributed)
USA Today (George Schroeder)
FOXSports (Stewart Mandel) (Andy Staples) (Jake Trotter; video)


Blair Kerkhoff notes that games like this are good for college football, and the mothership runs down 3 things we learned from the game.

The volleyball team will take its eight-game winning streak to the Michigan Invitational, in a first-ever trip to Ann Arbor. This will wrap up the team's non-conference slate.

We weren't the only ones crying in our whiskey last night. A historic referendum that could have ended a three-hundred year union between Scotland and England instead ended with a victory for the unionists, as Scottish voters rejected independence from Great Britain. The UK government has promised increased devolution, so now the Scots will wait and see if the government delivers.