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K-State Slate: 9.10.14 - The Toughest Place in the Big 12?

Apologies for the late Slate.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Just a little bit of content from yesterday: Jon Morse polls those who know Auburn best, i.e. their regular opponents, on Knowing the Enemy. First up is Mississippi State, with justinrsutton from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. CLANGA!

Morse also joins Luke Thompson for your obligatory Tuesday FEPO: Large Lines and Lame Games.

K-State is off this week, but a bye week is no time to rest.

Meanwhile, Kevin Haskin offers these musings on K-State and the quarterback running game, and Ken Corbitt notes that Bill Snyder is not all that surprised by Jake Waters' dual-threat skills.

Tim Bisel runs down the key talking points for the Auburn game in the Two-Minute Bill, and the K-State SID gives us some choice nuggets from Bill Snyder's press conference.

Less K-State news means more news from/about future opponents, including the War Eagle Tiger in the room.

Auburn's offensive coordinator says he hears K-State is the toughest place in the Big 12. He's probably been talking to Art Briles. Then again, even K-State players think home field advantage could make a difference against Auburn.

FOXSports Week 3 pregame huddle does not really mention K-State, but there's some talk about the historical weekend the Big 12 could have, plus bonus GIFs of Daniel Sams running all over Nebraska.

Oh, and they're already speculating about Oklahoma's playoff hopes, including their chances of getting in over an SEC team.

Texas may have to confront the possibility of a losing season, especially after their performance (or lack thereof) against BYU.

The K-State women's team beat Kansas to win the Sunflower Invitational. This is their first tournament win in a decade.