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K-State Slate: 9.1.14 - More on the SFA win, Dean Wade commits

Okay, folks. One win down, time to start gearing up for a second.

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Seriously, where'd this dude come from?
Seriously, where'd this dude come from?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I owe you a story. Saturday night, I said I'd explain why the Game Thread was weird and why I had to post on my phone, but I've been sort of busy and all. See, due to a series of unfortunate events, my plan to get set up and fire up the laptop to post in-game got blown to smithereens. Because we were scrambling to get the feed ready, I never had a chance to get the laptop set up (and for various other reasons never managed to finally sit down at a table until after halftime). And that's why I had to post the Game Thread using my phone, and you don't want to know how hard it is to navigate the posting forms on a tiny little screen.

Luckily, Saturday's technical challenges won't exist the rest of the season. So we'll just remind you that if you're stuck in KC for a home game, or not traveling to a roadie, swing by and join the crowd. We had forty people or so on Saturday, and while a couple of them were lurkers not one was a regular commenter here. (I say that not to chide y'all, but to let you know that you won't be alone if you turn up. You won't get to enjoy Drunken Morse, though. Unless we Kickstart the "Make Jon show up for games and watch parties" product. Heeeeeey...)

Only one new item to close out August, but it was sort of a biggie: KSUEMAW! reported on Bruce Weber's latest fish, Rivals' top-110 big man Dean Wade.

More reactions from Saturday: via our pals at the Austin-American Statesman, the AP's Dave Skretta reported on the game (a different story than the AP report ESPN used Saturday night); the word "vanilla" was used, and Skretta dropped an Atlas Shrugged reference. We've got the official department recap of the game, and the Big 12 briefly recaps the win in their Week 1 rewind, noting that Saturday was the third-highest offensive output for K-State in a season opener. Ever.

John Zetmeir at the Capital-Journal casts his eye on one of Saturday's mild surprises: the first-game breakout performance from Elijah Lee.

Via the Hutchinson News, the Salina Journal's Arne Green has snippets, including a canonical list of K-State's nine first-time starters. Also talking about the new guys: Kelly McHugh, with lots of ink on Elijah Lee, Kody Cook, and the running backs.

Ken Corbitt checks in with some day-after #ThotTakes. No, really, that's what they're calling it.

I normally don't do this, but Greg Wallace at Bleacher Report has a frankly interesting argument for why the Big 12 should invite North Dakota State. (For those who comment before reading articles, please do be aware that he obliquely acknowledges it's sort of silly.) Surprising info from a Paul Myerberg tweet I missed while I was busy having a real life: NDSU has the nation's fourth-longest winning streak against FBS competition. Wow.

Ubben. Power rankings. Big loser: BroTech.

The Orlando Sentinel's Matt Murschel talked with Bob Bowlsby in Arlington Saturday, and heard pretty much the same thing we always hear from Bowlsby.

The Cartersville (Ga.) Purple Hurricanes beat the Cass Colonels 41-7 Friday, and you care because Kalin Heath had 13 carries for 60 yards and two scores and caught seven passes for 117 in the win.

Randy Peterson at the Des Moines Register brings up that old "Jake Waters is mad at Iowa State" thing again, because attention.

More coverage of the Dean Ward commitment from Kellis Robinett and Raphielle Johnson at NBC Sports. (By the way, props to Brett Regan at Rivals, who reported the commitment 20 minutes before Wade himself tweeted the news.)

September 5-6 at Colbert Hills: the Colbert-Fogler Golf Classic, which benefits the men's and women's golf programs. Also of note, at the event the Colbert Hills Hall of Fame will be unveiled.