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K-State Slate: 8.4.14 - Capital-Journal launches Snyder retrospective, Lillard decommits

The biggest news today is, well, NEWS news.

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25 Years.
25 Years.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tick, tock. BracketCat continues the countdown, and the numbers are getting smaller and smaller. Friday was #29, Sean Newlan; Saturday was #28, Jarvis Leverett; and #27, Ed Brown, checked in on Sunday. We also asked an interesting question as a thought exercise: how long of a suspension for Nick Marshall (and Jonathon Mincy) would be most optimal for K-State?

Both Kellis Robinett and Ken Corbitt have lengthy features on Tyler Lockett.

“The opportunity for the greatest turnaround in college football exists here today." - Bill Snyder, 1988

The Capital-Journal is beginning a long-term look back over Bill Snyder's career in Manhattan, in celebration of the 25 years since his arrival. The first items: Pete Goering's article from December 1, 1988 -- reporting on Snyder's introductory press conference, Bob Hentzen's column from the same day, and Martin Gramatica checks in at #25 in their countdown of the top 25 players in the Snyder era. This is a huge project on the part of the Capital-Journal, and it's worth singling them out here for praise, as it's a fantastic idea. It's something traditional newspapers can still do that we internet people really can't, as they have the access to their old material and the right to reprint it. So be sure to follow the C-J as they unearth history here, and we of course will try to keep you up to date as they release (or, as it were, re-release) material.

The Star's Campus Corner blog looks at key questions facing Kansas, K-State, and Mizzou heading into fall camp.

Last week, we reported that Bentonville (Ark.) four-star quarterback Kasey Ford had been in Manhattan for a camp and the family came away impressed. Well, the chances of landing Ford just went up: Charleston (Ark.) four-star quarterback Ty Storey, the top-rated prospect in Arkansas, has signed his financial aid agreement with the Razorbacks and will enroll in January.

The AP's Jim Vertuno on the exodus from Austin as Charlie Strong cleans house.

Random mentions:

  • Clemson blog Shakin' the Southland thinks K-State's rankedtoo low in the coaches' poll.
  • Derrick Brooks gave props to Martin Gramatica during his Hall of Fame induction speech.
  • Now-former Wildcat lineman Aderius Epps, who saw action in two games last year as a redshirt sophomore, is probably headed to North Texas.
  • Land-Grant Holy Land has a somewhat humorous look at where Gameday is liable to end up each week. They're miffed that K-State/Auburn is on a Thursday, because Gameday should be there.
  • Fansided's Stormin' in Norman takes a look at which visiting teams command the highest ticket prices. This is provided for your daily dose of DISRESPECT!
  • The UT Daily Texan has the Texas/K-State game as one of the Longhorns' key games to watch this season. Of course, they have half their games as key games to watch, but it's the thought that counts.

Kelly McHugh profiles incoming freshman walk-on Evan Beucler.

Urbandale (Iowa) infielder Ryan Lillard, who passed on signing with the Royals after being drafted in the 30th round this summer to honor his commitment to K-State... has decommitted, and is now heading to Arizona State. His reason: the change in hitting coaches.

Washburn Rural's Andrew Beckler, sold on the program under new coach Grant Robbins, has committed to the Wildcats..

The Star's Rustin Dodd addresses the continuing reliance on student athletic subsidies in college athletics. K-State is one of three public Big 12 schools receiving less than a million dollars a year from that particular revenue stream, and is in the process of phasing it out entirely. (Texas and Oklahoma receive none at all