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K-State Slate: 8.29.14 - Finney, Family, Football

We're just a day away from K-State football!

Lockett catches touchdown passes and chases records.
Lockett catches touchdown passes and chases records.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

A ton of content dropped yesterday. Here's a brief summary for the 1.5 people here who do not read the Slate:

BracketCat: The roster countdown starts to wind down, with #2 Andre Davis and #2 Travis Green.

TB: K-State Position Condition, where TB takes an in-depth look at the quarterbacks.

Curtis Kitchen: Bring on the Cats Roundtable Q&A, in which your editors answer questions and throw out predictions.

Jon Morse: K-State Q&A, where Morse talks to Kevin Gore, a journalist who covers Stephen F. Austin and asks him the important questions. You might also want to check out the Week 1 storystream.

Don't forget the Watch Parties at the Granfalloon this season!

Oh, also there was real live actual FOOTBAW yesterday. I should know, as I went to a game and all (a game KSUEMAW! conveniently forgot to list in the watch thread. What is this I don't even). I highly recommend going to football games with a child who loves football. It makes the whole experience that much better.

Some of us feel the #FAMILY meme around K-State football is played out and should probably be retired. But every now and then, there is a story, such as this Collegian piece on B.J. Finney, whose football family stepped in to make up for the loss of his real family.

And speaking of family, did you know Tyler Lockett is the third of his family to play receiver at K-State? All snark aside though, I think it's what Kevin Lockett says about his son that resonates the most: "[H]e has created his own set of footprints."

The KC Star's Sam Mellinger looks back on 25 years of Bill Snyder and his two Manhattan Miracles.

Bob Lutz is high on Jake Waters and predicts a "supercalifragilistic" pass-happy season for the Wildcats.

Kevin Haskin considers a series of What-Ifs and wonders out loud what K-State football would look like without Bill Snyder.

CBSSports previews the Stephen F. Austin game, and so does Kellis Robinett here. Robinett also weighs in on how K-State will try to get over its opening game woes.

Oh, and this happened:

Welcome to K-State, Alex.


There will be a detailed watch post/open thread later in the day, but here's a quick rundown of the marquee match ups (all times Central)

BYU at Connecticut, 6 PM (ESPN; WatchESPN)
Jacksonville State at #8 Michigan State, 6:30 PM (BTN)
Villanova at Syracuse, 6:30 PM (ESPN3)
Colorado State vs Colorado, 8:00 PM (FoxSports1)
UTSA at Houston, 8:00 PM (ESPN U)
UNLV at Arizona, 9:30 PM (ESPN; WatchESPN)

Kelly McHugh has this SE feature on the volleyball team and their 2014 campaign. They open play this weekend too, and with 2013's all-Big 12 Freshman of the Year in Katie Brand and a roster full of new players, it's no surprise the team is being described as "fresh and exciting."

Don't forget, there will be a Slate tomorrow.