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K-State Slate 8.27.14-Depth Chart notes and reactions

Kansas State released its first depth chart of the season yesterday, and the biggest surprise was the presence of two true freshmen on the two deep.

The newest Depth Chart is out.  Who will carry the Family banner this year?
The newest Depth Chart is out. Who will carry the Family banner this year?
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It's getting busy around BotC with K-State football only three days away. It's time to get excited folks. And don't forget if you or anyone you know is in the Kansas City area stop by The Granfalloon; your official home for the Bring on the Cats Stephen F. Austin watch party!

Wow, did Bring on the Cats churn out the content yesterday or what. BracketCat started us off with his Depth Chart Analysis.

He then continued his roster countdown with number 4, Zach Davidson, and safety Kaleb Prewett.

Brett Follmer broke down the next level schemes that only Big 12 coaches could dream up.

Pervis continued our march towards the start of the season with the Iowa State Look-Ahead.

Our fearless leader, Jon, brought us the week one crowdsourcing. Which means everyone needs to go do their civic duty as a K-State fan and vote on who you believe will win in week one. While you're there be sure to check out the pre-season crowdsourcing and vote there too.

Lastly, the week one story stream is up, which means its officially a game week!

We are almost to the end of the Capital Journals Top 25 Bill-ing moments, as Ken Corbitt checks in with Number 24: A K-State Championship.

Brandon Chatmon of talks about what the Big 12 needs to do to be successful in the new ear of the College Football Playoff. He also answered some questions regarding K-State's running back situation.

Max Olson, also of, compiled the Big 12 bloggers' bold predictions. Spoiler Alert: K-State is getting more and more respect.

Tony Moss of ranked all 128 FBS college football coaches based each coaches playing career. I think you'll find #128 particularly funny.

Kellis checks in with a breakdown of yesterday's depth chart release.

In recruiting news Alex Delton plans to sign his letter of intent Thursday, and will look to graduate in December to be ready for spring practice

The AP has a preview of the Stephen F. Austin game.

Kevin Haskin has his mid-week musings where he discusses how Bill Snyder refers to BSFS.

Ian Boyd has a great article from the Mothership about Craig Bohl, and how difficult it is to stop his brand of power football. Special notes about how K-state tried (and failed) to stop it a year ago.

K-State won't get caught with their pants down writes Sean Keeler of FOX Sports KC.

Dalvin Warmack is expected to red-shirt, and Kellis Robinett has the scoop

Lastly, our own Derek Smith wrote about the Geary County Catbackers annual banquet. ($) Note: The Junction City Daily Union does has a subscription fee, but it is very much worth it to follow Derek's writing.

SB Nation 2014 College Football Guide

Adam Suderman of The Collegian profiles new tennis coach Danielle Steinberg

Alyx Treasure, high jumper for K-State, is profiled by Ted Clarke of the Prince George Citizen, as she continues on her quest to make the 2016 Olympics