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K-State Slate: 8.25.14 - This respect stuff is getting out of hand

Your Monday experience is now only about a third as fulfilling. Unless you've ignored us since Friday, in which case you've got some catching up to do.

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Barnett's accepting the burden of leadership.
Barnett's accepting the burden of leadership.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Surprising exactly nobody, it appears doing the Monday Slate is a lot easier when you have weekend slates. Everyone give Double-Ought a big hand. Later today, we'll have... some stuff. I'm not sure what yet, but it'll be awesome. Trust me. You trust me, right?

That Cat with the Brackets dropped two knowledge bombs yesterday as we reached six days to kickoff. The morning went to Deante Burton, while Colby Moore got the afternoon slot.

Also, we dropped the last of the four crowdsourcing polls. These will all remain open until Saturday afternoon if you haven't voted yet. Tomorrow, we'll have the Stephen F. Austin poll, which will include preliminary numbers for the win-loss picks; the Iowa State poll next week will have the final numbers.

More retrospective from the Capital-Journal, with December 30, 2010 salutes from Kevin Haskin and Austin Meek.

John Zetmeir reports on Dante Barnett, who's pretty sure he's ready to fill Ty Zimmerman's cleats.

Sports on Earth's Matt Brown has K-State 17th, and his paragraph on the squad reads like he thinks he's underrating them. Meanwhile, USA Today's Paul Myerberg runs down his five dark horse playoff candidates and oh hell we're doomed now.

The Falcons have released our pal Tramaine Thompson.

Sliding down the ladder a bit, Tony Adame previews the Jayhawk Conference, picking Butler to win the title. Meanwhile, KWCH's Heather Williams reports on the plight of small-town Kansas high school football.

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