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K-State Slate: 8.22.14 - Truman owns the weight room

This Friday Slate brought to you by insomnia.

Freak mode engage!
Freak mode engage!
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

BracketCat has two #9s, punter Mitch Lochbihler and wide receiver Vernon Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Curtis had some big--even grand--news: BotC will be partnering with the Granfalloon in Kansas City for watch parties this season. Be there!

Morse crowdsources the preseason, and in recruiting news, who needs a Prince when you have a Duke?

Jonathan Truman is a machine in the weight room. His clean, squat and bench numbers are ridiculous and we should all be in awe. Meanwhile, Ryan Mueller had to overcome long odds to get where he is today.

SI/Fansided's KC Kingdom continues its rundown of the K-State depth chart, this time with a look at the offensive line.

The Capital-Journal's Bill-ing retrospective continues, with Kurt Caywood and No. 19, Snyder's (first) retirement announcement in 2005. The mood of the day was that the time had come. But in hindsight, and without any hint of irony or mockery, I think we can all agree he was wrong about that.

Though our own KSUEMAW! beat him to it, Kellis Robinett has the scoop on Duke Shelley committing to K-State (with video highlights), and Alex Delton is all set to sign on August 28th.

Tony Adame notes that Jesse Ertz and Joe Hubener are in a battle for the backup QB spot, but each brings a completely different skills set to the field, with Ertz being more of a passer and Hubener more of a runner. Here's hoping that neither sees much action this season, except in mop-up duty.

DISRESPECT? RESPECT? The players are not listening to all that noise, according to this article from Big12Sports' Wendell Barnhouse. The money quote comes from B.J. Finney, who notes that "if we can attain the small goals, then we'll attain the big goal eventually." That is such a Snyder thing to say.

Jake Trotter of the ESPN(blog) crew picks his preseason all Big 12 team. No prizes for guessing which three K-State players on the team.

What's the K-State formula for the season? Returning QB + Bill Snyder = 11 wins. Robinett notes that Waters 2.0 is a vocal leader with an improved understanding of the game and the playbook, which is pretty much what everyone said about [insert returning K-State QB here].

SB Nation 2014 College Football Guide

Kelly McHugh's latest SE Meet the Staff feature profiles assistant head coach Brian Ostermann, a former TCU assistant, and assistant coach Claire Coggins, who played on the 2004 Big 12 championship team for K-State.

Tointon Family Stadium will host two fall exposure camps, where high school players will get to showcase their talent for a wider audience, including the K-State coaching staff and other coaches from around the Midwest.

K-State music professor Bryan Pinkall is an Emmy winner. He helped direct the lighting for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony that won the Primetime Emmy for best lighting direction.

Don't forget, there will be a Slate tomorrow!