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K-State Slate: 7.28.14 - Private QB coaches on the rise

A vast cornucopia of utterly random football content for your Monday morning.

Mark Simoneau was busy with Kansas high school stars this weekend.
Mark Simoneau was busy with Kansas high school stars this weekend.
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As we get into the thirties, BracketCat's task gets harder; more and more players sharing numbers. Friday was #36, Logan Thompson, and Saturday was the first of our two #35s, Will Davis. Sunday saw the second #35 Levi Morss, and two #34s: first, fullback Adam Weber, and finally defensive end Tanner Wood.

Also over the weekend we got Derek's Look-Ahead Rewind of Oklahoma, and new contributor WaggsCat took a look at eight things we're either not worried enough about or are worrying over without reason.

Whew. And if you think the Previously section's going to get smaller as football approaches, I have a bridge to sell you.

MUST READ: USA Today's Dan Wolken (in an article I can only find at other Gannett sites) reports that the influence of private coaches on college quarterbacks is increasing, despite varying levels of acceptance from college coaches. His report includes quotes from Terry Shea, who worked with Collin Klein (with Bill Snyder's blessing; Snyder even sent Shea game film).

Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal on K-State's quartet of 2010 walk-ons who are now senior team captains: B.J. Finney, Ryan Mueller, Jonathan Truman, and Weston Hiebert (although Hiebert only gets a passing mention since he wasn't at Media Days).

Kelly McHugh reported on Jake Waters and his newfound confidence. (Unlike most McHugh reports, which we always love because they have the benefit of her ability to get one-on-one quality time with K-State athletes, this particular report is digested from Media Days.)

Anthony Cantele is keeping busy in Wichita, running a series of kicking camps.

Kellis Robinett addresses the rash of facility upgrades in the Big 12, where everyone but Tech, TCU, and Oklahoma State are either in the process of or seriously working on construction plans (and the latter two only aren't because they've completed massive capital projects recently).

Sean Keeler at FOX reports that Kirk Schulz doesn't necessarily agree with Bob Bowlsby about crime paying in college sports. Schulz also made an apt comparison between the NCAA and the IRS, among other topics.

Andrew Lind with SB Nation's Ohio State blog, Land-Grant Holy Land, ranks the Big 12's uniforms... and expresses dismay that his Buckeyes did away with something which K-State stubbornly clings to.

Otis Kirk at 247's Arkansas site reports that Bentonville 4-star QB Kasey Ford was at a camp in Manhattan this weekend -- and his family was impressed.

Saturday was the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Kansas Shrine Bowl High School Combine in Hutchinson, which was run by Mark Simoneau's company, Simoneau Sports Performance. Lamar Chapman was also on hand to, err, lend a hand. The combine was an opportunity for Kansas high school talent to show their stuff.

Looks like Oklahoma's not going to be suffering at kicker once Michael Hunnicutt is gone. At the Kohl's Professional Kicking Camp, Sooner commit Austin Siebert nailed a 66-yarder. He's still in high school, for chrissake.

The South Texas Sliders prevailed over Elite Baseball Chicago 4-3 to win the Premier Baseball Junior Championship yesterday in Joplin -- but K-State commit Ethan Skender had three hits on the day for Elite, driving in all three of his team's runs and ripping a one-out double in the bottom of the seventh to give Elite a chance to tie; his teammates couldn't cash in.

The Thorpe Cup was this weekend, pitting Team USA against Germany in the decathlon and heptathlon. Cliff Rovelto was on hand to coach Team USA's heptathletes, including Ryann Krais. (For some reason, Devin Dick didn't participate despite having nailed the best USA finish in his last international decathlon.) Unfortunately, despite expert Google-Fu I have no idea what transpired in the heptathlon events; the Germans won the decathlon competition, though American Wes Bray, late of the University of Houston, was the individual champion.