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K-State Slate: 6.10.14 - Romero lands in Tallahassee

Much to the surprise of precisely nobody at all, the prodigal Wildcat ends up right where she was expected to. Also, get used to lawyerin', and our marketing department is better than your marketing department.

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We should never have to use this picture again.
We should never have to use this picture again.
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started on today's shenanigans, a programming note: starting Thursday, and continuing until it's no longer relevant, we will have a second daily thread (including weekends) for reasons which are obvious to anyone who's not been buried in a cave. Why? Because there's a World Cup to write a little something about, and -- more importantly -- since it's an event which will be occurring live from 10am-evening every day for the next few weeks, to segregate any discussion out from the Slate. In essence, those of you who want a daily World Cup open thread have it; those who couldn't possibly care less don't have to wade through countless World Cup comments. It's a win-win!

BracketCat's annual project continues, with yesterday's subject being #82, Zach Reuter.

This doesn't really belong under "football" per se, and indeed most of the principals on the plaintiff's side of the table are former basketball players. But we know what's ultimately driving this case, so we'll stick it here. NCAA vs O'Bannon proceeds apace, and SB Nation is all over it. More importantly, SB Nation has curated a Twitter list of all the best feeds to follow for news and updates from the trial; if you're interested, it's worth following even if you're not a Twitter user.

SB Nation's Kevin Trahan took a look at how the NCAA was helped and harmed by Ed O'Bannon's testimony yesterday (but nobody's gotten to the later testimony of Stanford econ professor Roger Noll yet).

Well, except for my attorney buddy Erik over at Roll 'Bama Roll, who came down with all the fire of a thousand suns on the entire case early this morning. You should definitely check it out. (Disclaimer: your benevolent despot aided and abetted said article, which is just more reason you should definitely check it out.)

Other O'Bannon coverage: CBS's Jon Solomon kicks off by dinging O'Bannon for claiming on the stand that Little Leaguers should be paid. SI's Stewart Mandel focuses on the real issue before the court: is the NCAA a cartel in violation of anti-trust law? The Star's Blair Kerkhoff, writing before testimony concluded, notes that a defeat will mean big changes for the NCAA -- but that they probably won't hurt the NCAA that much.

As for actual football stuff, Andrew Schuster of Fansided's Who Dat Dish takes a look at the position battle for safety in New Orleans, which means Ty Zimmerman gets talked about.'s Brandon Marcello thinks September 18 is the most critical date on Auburn's schedule for some reason.

Will Chris Harper push his way into being the main complement to Jordy Nelson in Green Bay? Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel examines the players looking to make Mike McCarthy's oft-mentioned "second-year jump" for the Pack.

The non-conference schedule is official now. No real surprises, although I think the home game against Bradley is new (plenty of stories from Peoria papers mentioning it this morning, anyway), and would thus be the final piece of the puzzle.

Leti Romero is now officially Florida State's problem. This comes as no surprise, as it was the Seminoles and Virginia Tech which were most in the mix for her services prior to her commitment to K-State.

What, you expected commentary? Get out.

K-STATE WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Err, well, sort of. K-State's marketing team was named Marketing Team of the Year by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics.