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K-State Slate: 12.29.14 - This Team Stinks.

We don't care anymore, and here's why.

The perpetual gaze of the befuddled.
The perpetual gaze of the befuddled.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, Bruce? You're disapponted? Things just went against you? That's your angle?

In the past two seasons, Coach, your teams have lost at home to squads Kansas State has no business losing to. Ever. That's not bad luck. Prior to yesterday, Kansas State had never, not even once, lost a game to a team from the SWAC, and that's precisely what you'd expect when a team with K-State's history faces a team from a conference where every team is under-funded and at a massive disadvantage. Well, so much for that.

This is unacceptable. It would be one thing if the team were suffering from a rash of injuries to key players, but quite frankly the only injuries on this team appear to be brain injuries. Fouling a guy shooting a three when you're up four isn't bad luck, Bruce. Putting up no effort to rebound the blatantly obvious "miss the third free throw" gambit isn't bad luck, Bruce. Throwing an inbounds pass out of bounds, untouched? That's not bad luck, Bruce. That's you not teaching your players how to play basketball. Everyone with functioning synapses knows that in that situation, if you can't get a clean pass in bounds, just get it to where someone can deflect it out of bounds on the other end of the court. Everyone, Bruce.

K-State did not lose to Texas Southern because they suffered from bad breaks. They lost because they just aren't trying. We can forgive a lot. If this team was 3-10, but were playing their butts off every night and trying their hardest for at least 33 minutes a game, we would love them. We'd be disappointed, but we would have their backs one hundred percent.

If this year's team were somehow 13-0, but with the effort and intelligence they're showing on the court? There'd be people who didn't like them anyway, because what we saw yesterday wasn't "bad luck". It was the same garbage we've seen all year, even in wins. That's what you've brought to Manhattan, Bruce: a team which gets criticized for sloppy play and lack of effort even when they pull out a victory. You're a nice guy, and we hate putting you on full blast, but it's deserved... because their demeanor on the floor after the game makes it abundantly clear that you're putting guys out on the floor who simply don't care.

And if they don't care, neither do we. It's that simple. The only thing -- the only thing -- the team owes us is that they care, and in return we're forgiving of their failures. One half of this transaction isn't being completed.

KSUEMAW! wrapped up the disaster, and BracketCat watches the RPI. Not that K-State's RPI matters anymore to anyone except their opponents.

Ryan Mueller has come right out and said what most people don't understand yet: in today's college football world, 9-4 is just average. (Kellis Robinett, the Star)

UCLA is focused too (Chris Thomas -- OH, THE IRONY -- of the LA Times), but if Brett Hundley is thinking too hard about the Alamo being his NFL audition (Ryan Kartje, Orange County Register), that focus may not be on the right thing.

Oh, who cares?

Okay, fine. Hits: Ken Corbitt, Capital-Journal -- Reuters -- AP, via FOX -- Raphielle Johnson, NBC -- The SWAC -- and, the cherry on top, Kevin Trahan, SB Nation.

At least one of K-State's basketball teams actually cares. They're 9-1. Maybe you should go watch them. In that vein, we'll remind you that the women take on Samford tomorrow night at Bramlage to conclude non-conference play.