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Kansas State Slate: 12.22.14 - Where's the Excitement?

Your benevolent despot wonders why all the air seems to have been let out of the Wildcat Wagon's tires.

Was Saturday Wesley's wake-up call?
Was Saturday Wesley's wake-up call?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

On the fifth day of Christmas, EMAW Nation gave to me... not much at all, very little fun, not much talk, lack of excitement, and a dearth of Alamo storieeeeees. Both within the media and the fanbase, the last couple of weeks have been pretty brutal. There's very little out there to discuss, and in general K-State fans seem perfectly willing to not discuss it. It's almost as though everyone's checked out and gone on vacation. It's not just here, either: that portion of my personal Twitterverse made up of purple loyalists has been markedly silent, and my mailbox has been disturbingly empty of the usual collection of press releases and solicitations.

Part of it, to be sure, is that the week-to-week routine's been broken. The dismal performances on the hardwood (by the gentlemen, anyway -- the ladies are quietly holding up their end of the bargain) aren't helping, and I'm sure that there's a touch of seasonal affective disorder in the air too.

But we must soldier on. There's a bowl game in less than two weeks. Today is like the Sunday before the bye week before the Auburn game, only we don't have yesterday's win over Iowa State to hash out. It's time to get turnt, purples. Let's do this.

Absolutely nothing other than BigE's recap of the win over Texas A&M.

Pedro Moura of the Orange County Register writes about UCLA's offensive line and their quest for penance. Over at the LA Times, Chris Foster says UCLA's gearing up to stop K-State's "option offense", and we can only hope that's true. Prepare for the option all day, Jim Mora.

Over at SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk, Will Shelton is preparing for Tennessee's 50th bowl game with a countdown of the Vols' previous 49. It's probably not surprising that their appearance in the 2001 Cotton Bowl ranks in Will's bottom ten...

Ken Corbitt explains how Wesley Iwundu got to celebrate his 20th birthday in style Saturday.

For those of you who don't care about the NFL and aren't excited over BYO taking on Memphis in the Miami Beach Bowl, there's sports on FS Kansas City tonight: the Wildcats will try to move to 9-1 as they host Abilene Christian tonight at 7pm.